Terragon Group to unveil innovative Africa-focused mobile ad tech at MWC


The major African digital ad agency, Terragon Group, is unveiling its latest technology offering at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain this week. The product will enable advertisers to reach Africa’s massive mobile audience, even through non-internet platforms.

Called Adrenaline, the technology leverages channels such as USSD based balance enquiry, Call-Me-Back messages, End of Call Notification among others.

“We identified that more innovation can be fostered through integration of available non-internet based mediums which we tied to the advert network of one of our businesses, Twinpine Limited,” explains CEO Elo Umeh says in a presser. “We combine and integrate the inventory into our Adrenaline platform. Such a technology platform has never had one tailored to African inventory and built by Africans.”

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MWC is one of the world’s most recognisable tech events, hosting speakers such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s VP Sundar Pichai, along with the latest product offerings from Microsoft to Samsung. Umeh says that MWC gives Terragon the opportunity to be able to show that innovation can come out of Africa:

We continually seek to use global events to showcase our local innovation, with both elements reinforcing each other to maintain market leadership in the digital media industry. This is what we believe at Terragon Group. Our passion for innovation allows us take intuitive steps towards a digital Africa.

This would be the second showcasing for Terragon Group at MWC. With operations in countries such as Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and India, the Terragon Group houses three independent businesses, namely Terragon, Twinpine and Terragon Media.



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