Cape Town City partners with Citymart to help innovate informal trading

Informal trading Cape Town

Informal trading represents about 12% of Cape Town, South Africa’s economy and employs around 18% of its economically active residents. To further help these estimated 4 000 trading sites scattered across the city, Cape Town’s Economic Development Department is launching the Citymart innovation challenge — a global initiative focused on leveraging the community to help innovate government processes.

“Through this call, the City hopes to rejuvenate informal trading, by soliciting input from the public which could provide possible solutions to the challenges or problems that the informal trading sector is facing,” says Councillor Garreth Bloor in a press statement.

Councillor Bloor stresses the fact that the Citymart innovation challenge is a significant opportunity for the community to be part of making progress possible. Some benefits for submitting your proposal are as follows:

  • Marketing opportunity and international exposure. Present your solutions directly for evaluation by decision makers in the city.
  • Implement your innovation. Demonstrate your solution to prove its value directly to decision makers, evaluate its impact, gather intelligence for product development and gain a validated market reference.
  • Gain critical insight & build your track record. Your Showcase will be evaluated by a Jury of Cape Town stakeholders. 5 finalists will provide the city with more information of their project

The City notes that the proposed solutions can include anything from infrastructure adjustments such as creating stands that are maintainable, cost-effective or easy to transport, as well how to optimise site management and to improve customer experience. We like to think there’s an app or something here.

“We are looking forward to the submissions from residents,” Councillor Bloor adds. “It is important for residents to remember that their solutions have the potential to effect change in the informal trading sector, which will in turn attract more business, stimulate economic growth and create more opportunities, such as employment.”

The challenge is also said to have the potential to scale to other cities. Submissions are open until 16 April. Interested? Please click here for more information.

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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