Ventureburn looks to ‘break the internet’ with nude calendar [Update]

Burn Breaks the internet

Ventureburn is set to take a leaf out of Kim Kardashian’s book as its staff go nude in a bid to “break the internet”.

The site’s editorial and commercial teams have both agreed to appear in the buff for an online calendar aimed at showing off their softer sides (although the members of the team with active gym memberships might take offense at the insinuation that they have a softer anything).

When asked about the calendar, Burn Media brand manager Jason Bechervaise said the team had thought long and hard before deciding to go ahead with the calendar.

“We realise that Kim Kardashian caused serious controversy with that magazine cover, but hey it got her name in the news again”.

While none of the Ventureburn team are married to famous rappers or are the progeny of renowned lawyers (as far as we know), Ventureburn lead writer Jacques Coetzee believes that the industry covered by the site makes it perfect for this kind of thing.

“What’s sexier than startups?”, he asks. “Until now, no one really knew. But we believe that the answer lies in tasteful nudes of the journalists who cover those startups”.

For those who’d prefer a more tactile means of enjoying the calendar, it will be bundled for free with Burn, the publishing house’s upcoming magazine title.

“We’ve put the brand out there,” says Bechervaise, “now it’s time to put ourselves out there with it”.

A link to the calendar will go live on this story at 12:00 today. Be sure to come back to this story then to check it out.

Update: April Fools’! Ventureburn’s writers won’t be photographed in the nude any time soon, but they will continue to bring you the naked truth about startups.



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