Why having the right cloud security is so important for small business


While there are probably some people out there that still don’t understand the cloud, it seems as if it is taking over the world of computing. In the beginning it was a way to keep computers connected between long distances, giving companies and individuals a place to share and save their words and photos without it taking up space on their computer’s hard drive. Today, cloud computing is the way of the world for both businesses and individuals.

It makes sense that with using cloud computing in all aspects of life and work now, that someone would come up with a cloud antivirus program that would help protect your computer. This “invention” is lightweight software that works to protect your computer from malware without taking up all the space that normal antivirus systems take up.

Not only does security through cloud system protect your items that you have stored locally, even the most sensitive ones, it also helps protect your online presence so that you don’t pick up any nasty viruses that can knock your computer out permanently or give you spamware that continually freezers your computer and throws popups at you nonstop.

Aside from space saving, there are other benefits to utilising cloud application on your computer. If you want your business to have the most up-to-date computing system and protection then the cloud is the way to go, but you must know how to protect it.

Scans Quickly Without Downloading

One of the biggest benefits of cloud virus protection is that you don’t have to download something new onto your computer that takes up space and slows your system down. Besides, it scans your computer quickly.

There are no lengthy download times and scans are quick allowing you to find out if there is something wrong with your computer, from viruses to malware. Even if you already have malware removal or virus protection on your computer you can use the cloud based security as a second opinion to truly ensure that your computer is safe, especially when sharing files from computer to computer.

Because it frees up space you may find that your computer is able to run faster, leaving you space for other things. Most computers and laptops have a good amount of space; however, if you are using a notebook with limited memory this type of antivirus may be the perfect space saving choice for your computing protection.

Allows Businesses to Stay Connected

Just like cloud computing allows everyone in your business to get to files and photos they need from each computer and employee, cloud based security allows you to access the central server of the web where you can check and see which computers are being protected via the cloud antivirus and which are not.

With this inner ability it makes sense that businesses should adopt cloud based security for the protection of their internet capable devices. That means that you can use it on your desktop, laptop, smartphones, and even your tablets.

Since smartphones and tablets have less memory and space than your computers do, you can free up a lot of space on them through cloud based security options and spend less time removing apps just to download another one.

If you think that antivirus and malware protection aren’t important for computers, you are sorely mistaken. First of all, there are thousands of new malware created daily and being unleashed onto the worldwide web.

With the amount of smaller devices being created continuously in the world of technology it’s likely that soon cloud computing and security trough cloud system will be the norm and people will spend far less time downloading space hogs onto their devices.

You Have No Need to Download Updates

If it seems like your antivirus software is continually requesting that you update, you’re not alone. That is one of the largest downfalls of having antivirus software; it continually needs to be updated because there are always new viruses and malware being created.

With cloud antivirus there is no need to download updates, they are just there automatically so you save both time and computer space yet again. Therefore, this type of security can assure you that your computer has the latest and greatest protection.

If you do some research of your own on the benefits and the negatives of the security through cloud system you will find a lot of conflicting information. For this reason only, you may want to keep your downloaded version of antivirus protection as a backup. However, you may find that your cloud version is enough after a while and you can drop it.

Just like with general antivirus protection, it’s likely your cost for protection will depend on your chosen antivirus and how much protection you want. Even free downloaded protections leaves your computer open to possible attack on occasion. You get the protection you pay for, and for businesses that protection not only takes care of your info and your devices, but also you customer’s info. How much is that worth to you?



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