#BadSharkTankPitches: a goldmine for knowing what not to do as an entrepreneur

If you’re a super fan of the show Dragons’ Den, you’ll know that it’s called Shark Tank in the US. You’ll also know that, no matter what name the show goes by, it occasionally throws up some spectacularly bad pitches.

Now, the shows producers obviously allow those people on for their entertainment value, but they also provide a valuable lesson in what not to do when pitching to potential investors.

Thing is, that requires actually sitting down and watching episode after episode of the show.

And if you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you’d be better off spending that time actually working on your business.

Something that’ll take up less of your time, and give you a laugh at the same time, is the hashtag #BadSharkTankPitches, which has been trending on Twitter for the past few hours.

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While a scroll through the hashtag shows that some people didn’t quite grasp the idea, it also illustrates what people imagine genuinely bad business ideas to be.

We’ve embedded a selection of some of our favourites below:



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