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Seedstars World names church admin app Ghana’s best startup

Global seed-stage startup competition has been making its rounds across the African continent, giving exciting tech startups a chance to pitch on the global stage for a shot at US$500 000 equity investment. After kicking-off in Mozambique, startup winners were announced in South Africa and, soon after, Nigeria.

Now, at Impact Hub Accra, Seedstars World has named Ghana’s church administration app Asoriba the country’s top startup.

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Asoriba is described as a web and mobile application that enables effective church administration for leaders, and seamless engagement with members.

Nana Opoku, the CEO of Asoriba, told Seedstars World: “This is completely unexpected for us. We are going to work even harder now to grow our business and impress in Geneva.”

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Opoku was among 11 other company founders who pitched for the chance of going to Switzerland in February 2016 for the final pitching round, potentially winning the US$500 000 equity investment, among other opportunities.

Flippy Campus with its app that helps students get timely access to information related to the academic and social life on campus came second. Enyinam Tech, a clean tech solution to minimise external energy inputs in our power generation systems by removing all mechanical rotating devices, grabbed the last spot in the top three.

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The other startups invited to pitch were as follows:

Booomers International: Booomers addresses the quadruple problems rural youth unemployment, rural-urban migration, climate change and sustainable transport.

Beep: Beep is a fun, safe way to meet new people through friends. It is a casual way to discover and meet cool new people just like in real life.

Ahwenepa Fashion: Ahwenepa is a Customisable Online global Marketplace for strictly African fashion and lifestyle products.Package+Delivery services available

OnToday: OnToday is a full service platform that provides a start-to-finish approach for businesses to attracting, keeping and managing customers.

Afrishopen: Afrishopen is the solution for Africa SMEs Business to have Online shop and make more sale at low cost on mobile device & Web.Agbona Saheed.

CustOpinion: CustOpinion is a messaging platform that enables businesses to relate, interact and engage their customers in a very personal way.

Farmable: Farmable online platform that allows online investors to make returns and help small holder farmers raise capital to run their farms.

LendingSquare: An online credit marketplace connecting investors directly with borrowers on their own terms and rates.

Tro Tro Diaries: An application to help you find the right Tro Tro at the right time

Seedstars World’s next stop is Abidjan on 12 August, where the event to select the best startup in Ivory Coast will be held.

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