SUPERBALIST.COM CELEBRATING YOUTH Changing the way the youth shop and applauding creative talent, South Africa’s only high-trend curated online shopping destination, has in excess of 1 million members.

With an ever expanding selection of the best international brands at affordable prices; an understanding of what the youth market wants in terms of shopping and content; and campaigns that resonate with their target market, the site is set to change the way the youth shop and consume information.

“We understand what it’s like to want coveted international brands, and know that we can actually afford them. It’s been one of our main business objectives since we launched, and we’ve become really good at delivering on that. The selection you find in our store today rivals what you’ll find in a crowded mall – with the added benefit of a host of brands available exclusively to ourselves,” says co-founder of Superbalist.comClaude Hanan.

South Africans have been starved of great product at affordable prices for too long. This is changing.

The brand offering at includes Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, New Look, Hunter Boots and American Apparel with new ranges being added almost weekly. Shipping is free and fast, and customer support is available seven days a week.   

In addition to an awesome selection of clothes, Superbalist is redefining creativity.

Called The Superbalist 100, the site has created a list featuring the who’s who of young talent. You’ll find everything from a social and environmental activist, a not-so-traditional milliner, and a theatre director, through to a casting director/ model on the list. People who are getting on with what they love and making a massive impact in their respective industries.

The brainchild of Luke Jedeikin, co-founder of Superbalist, the campaign celebrates young South Africans doing impressive things. And in the process, it’s creating a pool of collaborators the company will work with going forward. It’s a meeting of minds, although for the Superbalist team, it sometimes it even feels like a high-speed multi-mind pileup.

“We identified a handful of people we thought should be on the list. Then we asked them who they thought should be on the list, and then we opened submissions to the public so that they could suggest who they think should be on the list too,” says Jedeikin.

“We’re aiming to run this campaign every year with the aim of finding new creatives to collaborate with,” says Jedeikin.  “If you look at some of the people who have been nominated, you’ll see there is no mould for creativity. Youth culture is evolving in front of our eyes, and through their platforms, we get to see the calibre of makers and doers out there, and the evolution of their processes.”

Superbalist is quickly snowballing from an online store with awesome clothing brands into a platform in its own right, where next-gen creatives can experiment, interact, and be inspired.

Take some time out, and meet a few more members of The Superbalist 100  here:

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