ARTICLE RETRACTION: Digital All Stars 2015: 13 South African tech entrepreneurs on the rise

Digital All Stars is a new series of articles on Ventureburn and Memeburn, which recognises and celebrates achievement in a variety of digital fields that includes entrepreneurship, media & marketing, technology innovation, general business and education. Our aim with the Digital All Stars Series on Ventureburn is to celebrate entrepreneurial achievement in South Africa, and the African countries in which Ventureburn is popular in, which includes Kenya and Nigeria.

Creating lists to recognise achievement is, in itself, a fraught exercise, so we aim to ensure accuracy by consulting with many experts in the wider industry to ensure that we acknowledge all who are achievers and leaders in their fields. In the article “13 South African tech entrepreneurs on the rise” it has come to our attention that we did not apply this process rigorously enough, and the article is not reflective or inclusive enough.

Quite simply, the article and the research that went into it is not in sync with the high standards we set ourselves in our mission to build the entrepreneurial landscape in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

We apologise unreservedly for this error in judgement. We will try harder. We will fix this. And we will be back with an article that celebrates the digital and entrepreneurial stars on our continent.



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