Kenya’s largest online tech players partner to help SMEs

Kenya’s largest independent merchant network Kopo Kopo and the country’s online classifies PigiaMe have announced a partnership. The two companies will now be actively supporting their small and medium enterprise clients with more reach and more favourable rates.

Both companies are key players within Kenya’s tech scene, which means the joint partnership will be of significant interest to the country.

According to a press release sent to Ventureburn, 70% of all electronic transactions in Kenya are made through mobile money (M-Pesa) platforms, which is 40% more than the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This digital expansion is key to Kenya’s growth. Both Kopo Kopo and PigiaMe have seen merchants realise these new opportunities with SMS campaigns and targeting specific audiences, while buyers are aware of the importance of safety for their transactions.

Head of Classifieds for Ringier, PigiaMe’s parent company, Clemens Weitz, adds:

Both platforms are designed to connect people, whether individuals or merchants. In the end our customers all want the same: Trading quality, safely and easily. To increase the safety of transactions and their ease of use is what we now partnered for.

The partnership also underlines leveraging data to help businesses grow and the opportunity for such endeavours.

Image: Brian Snelson via Flickr.



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