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New venture Over the Rainbow likens business stages to colours

Africa’s Women of Influence 2015 finalist Lesley Waterkeyn is launching Over the Rainbow, a new social enterprise aimed at entrepreneurs. The venture is co-created by education specialist, Sandy van Dyk, who is co-authoring Over The Rainbow, 7 steps to a sustainable business with Waterkeyn.

Waterkeyn is on the Cape Town board of the global Entrepreneurship Organisation (EO), which requires businesses to have a yearly turnover of R10-million before acceptance, and therefore out of reach for most South African businesses.

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“There’s a significant gap in our entrepreneurship ecosystem, and I see the need for a bridge to an organisation like EO,” adds Waterkeyn.

According to Waterkeyn, Over the Rainbow will be similar to EO, but with easier access:

Over The Rainbow will deliver not only a similar structured peer networking programme for new entrepreneurs, but also provide brand and marketing expertise, and enable them to access rainmakers in our network. They will be able to more easily find business mentors and coaches who can support and encourage them as they grapple with the many challenges of starting up a business so that their enterprises can grow and become sustainable.

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According to a press release sent to Ventureburn, Over the Rainbow identifies crucial areas of the entrepreneurial spectrum that needs to be mastered. These areas are likened to the colour spectrum of a rainbow. Red, orange, and yellow represent business basics, green and blue represent branding and marketing, while indigo and violet naturally consist of a meaningful contribution to the wider business community.

“The proverbial ‘pot of gold’ is not just the measure of their individual financial success, but the sustainable wealth that enables them to give back and participate positively in the on-going socio-economic development of South Africa,” adds Waterkeyn.

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