ReMe app wants to revolutionise loyalty programmes in South Africa

An app that seeks to help businesses build and retain customer loyalty has launched in South Africa. ReMe, as it’s called, provides users access to a virtual loyalty card reward system by linking them to an array of retailers and restaurants based on their interests, tastes and brand preferences.

Michael Zahariev, the co-founder of ReMe, notes in a recent press release that although the app can be applied to national chains and franchises, it should be particularly attractive to smaller businesses:

“Loyalty programmes are expensive to build and implement, particularly programmes which have the goal of large-scale customer engagement,” Zahariev adds. “ReMe offers smaller businesses the opportunity to benefit from a loyalty programme in a cost-effective way and to capitalise on a marketing platform directed towards loyal customers.”

So far, the Cape Town-based startup has partnered with Wolf & Maiden, The Assembly, Superette, Bean There, Kelly Red Hair Salon and Ocean Jewels Fresh Fish.

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But apart from providing a cost-effective platform to implement a loyalty programme, Zahariev explains, ReMe’s client businesses will also have access to valuable analytics:

Brands will also begin to understand consumer subtleties and how they interact with specific businesses, products and loyalty programmes. The totality of the above is the accumulation of large amounts of data which can be analysed and leveraged by businesses in a manner which benefits the whole loyalty network of businesses and especially consumers.

Zahariev, who’s also behind web design agency B Online, adds that rewarding loyalty goes beyond purchases. ReMe users will ultimately receive redemption points for anything from walking into the store to mentioning a brand on social media.

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“The world is beginning to move away from clogged wallets and into a future where your phone is seemingly clogged with apps — replacing one issue with a similar one,” says Zahariev. “ReMe attempts to leapfrog this evolutionary step by eliminating the necessity for multiple loyalty apps on one phone, thus creating a universal digital loyalty network.”

ReMe is currently available on iTunes and Google Play.

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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