Vox Telecom wants to disrupt the website development space

South African telecoms company Vox Telecom is looking to disrupt the web development market with its own website-creation tool, Sitebuilder. The solution will be aimed at end users and startups.

“We’re hoping to disrupt the web development by delivering a cost effective solution, either as a DIY or DIFM model, and in so doing, lowering the barrier to entry, and reducing the risk for the growing small business market,” says Web hosting and backup product manager Riaan Gouws.

According to a press release sent to Ventureburn, the Sitebuilder tool allows startups to built and manage their own website without third parties. The system removes the need to constantly update the Content Management System with things like monthly patches.

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Sitebuilder will minimise startup costs for companies as it offers three different packages, starting from R4 900 once-off.

The service will also be targeting brick and mortar stores looking to expand into the ecommerce space. According to Gour, “the requirement to deliver a cost effective model becomes more critical for SMEs, with ecommerce capabilities.”

“Research tells us that experienced web development agencies in Gauteng easily charge R10 000 and upwards, to build a basic website, paired with additional monthly retainer fees for maintenance, leaving many small business owners, unable to enter the digital space,” adds Gouws.

We’ve worked hard to make it easy for our customers to build their own websites.



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