Top startup events in South Africa, Africa you should know about this week [01/02/2016]

Looking to get into the South African startup scene or scratch up on some of your skills? Well, you’ve come to the right place. There are loads of competitions, networking sessions and workshops happening around South Africa and the rest of the continent (namely Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana) that we’ve rounded up to make your life a bit easier.

This article is part of a weekly series that highlights all the top startup competitions, networking sessions, workshops and conferences around South Africa, and the greater region. If you have any event recommendations for us to add to the list, or next week’s, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email.

Cape Town

Pitch to the Barclays Seeker Fund

The Barclays Seeker Fund is a corporate VC fund, set up to build a portfolio of digital company investments. The Seeker Fund is looking for early-stage ventures across Africa, who are disrupting and innovating across finances, agriculture, health, education and more.

Seven-minute pitching opportunities, facilitated every two weeks, will be available to successful applicants. You can read more about it here.

Location: Barclays Rise – Woodstock Exchange (Block B)
Date: 4 February, 11am to 12:30pm

Coworking Africa Meetup

The Coworking Africa Meetup is a one-day event that focuses on the growth of co-working spaces in Africa. More specifically, it will cover its impact on entrepreneurship, innovation and overall economic development. The event will feature inspiring talks as well as practical workshops.

Tickets go for R800 each, though Silicon Valley offers discounts to its community members.

Location: The Design Bank
Date: 5 February, 10am to 5pm

Lean (startup) coffee

This one’s for the early bird networker. Lean (startup) coffee is a weekly one-hour coffee meetup that runs a mash-up of with — culminating in an agenda-less meeting which sets out to democratically generate topics and ideas.

The meetup is free to attend and you can register here. There’s also another Lean Coffee meeting happening on Thursday.

Date: 3 February, 8:30am to 09:30am
Location: TRUTH Coffee, Somerset Road, Greenpoint

Freebie Friday: Growing Your Personal Brand

The Shift One Training Academy hosts a bunch of workshops and meetups every month. If you’re looking for some inspiration and golden nuggets on growing your business, this might be the right place for you. This Freebie Fridays Workshop is about creating your brand.

For more info, click here.

Location: The Design Bank
Date: 5 February, 10am to 5pm

4 easy to use tools to market your business

This full-day workshop wants to teach you the four processes to give your marketing the jumpstart it needs to become effective and profitable in 2016. Ticket prices for for R720, excluding lunch.

Click here for more information.

Location: Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy, Woodstock
Date: 4 February, 9:30am to 4:30pm

Free #CapeMarketing Workshops for Small Business & Freelance

Need some tips on marketing or just meet some interesting people? Hosts Fiona Juan and Theo Pistorius will present the mini-masterclass on setting goals for 2016 during this lunch-time meetup at the Cape Town Garage.

Location: The Cape Town Garage, The Woodstock Exchange
Date: 3 February

Unearthed Cape Town

An international hackathon focused on mining and resources sectors, Unearthed is a 54-hour open innovation event focused on the mining and resources sectors. Innovators such as software developers, engineers, data scientists, designers, and industry insiders will come together to develop prototype solutions to resources challenges.

Location: Workshop 17
Date: 5 to 7 February


THUDjozi Entrepreneur Networking Mixer

Powered by Open, THUDjozi wants to inspire people to take action, educate them through our network of experts and invest in those dreams to enable a thriving ecosystem by entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs and about entrepreneurs. Essentially, it’s an extension of The Hook Up Dinner.

Find out more here.

Location: Maboneng
Date: 5 February, 7pm to 9pm

Digital Edge – Free Seminar

Dimension Business Institute offers short courses and training in new cutting edge knowledge and expertise that enables businesses of all sizes to remain competitive. The Digital Edge free seminar aims to give you guidance from business industry leaders from Dimension Business Institute Training on how to take your business to the next digital level.

Location: The Maslow Hotel, Sandton
Date: 2 February, 5pm to 8pm

Please let us know if there are other interesting events happening in the rest of the continent that we should include in the list. You can do so by posting in the comments below or sending us an email.



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