10 must-have cloud software programs for your startup

There are many great programs that can work for your business right now but some of the best are cloud-based ones. These are programs that you can access through any device at any time, thus giving you more control over a variety of business functions.

Here’s a look at a few of the top choices that you can use right now.

1. Adobe FormsCentral

Adobe FormsCentral lets you create forms or upload content from existing forms online. This works for when you’re trying to create forms for customers to fill out online but what’s even more important is that FormsCentral helps you to analyze your content carefully. This lets you get your data organized in a sensible manner.

2. Adobe Connect

Connect is another cloud-based program from Adobe. This is a web conferencing program that helps you to communicate with other people online. It offers a scalable approach that lets you add new video and audio-based conferencing materials into the mix and lets you customize the overall display interface This helps you create the best possible conferencing experiences that you can hold.

3. PureCloud

You can keep track of your security features with PureCloud. It lists all security issues and review needs within your business to give you a closer idea of what you need to do in order to keep your business set up properly. If used right, it should be easy to follow.

4. ProProfs Knowledgebase

ProProfs is a popular cloud based knowledge base software program that you can use for the creation of different databases. You can use ProProfs to create knowledge bases that feature more documents arranged in one location while also incorporating metadata to help you create keywords that will easily take in the content you are trying to work with.

5. QuickBooks Online Plus

QuickBooks has made a name for itself as a popular entity in the world of accounting programs. This cloud-based edition called QuickBooks Online Plus helps you keep track of your finances and payments through mobile devices and other kiosks. It interacts with more devices in real time to keep your data as accurate as possible no matter how many points of sale your business might use.

6. OfficeTime

It will be easier for your business to manage its invoices and payroll through OfficeTime. This creates new invoices and generates reports based on the content of those invoices. It can also be customized to link up to a time clock feature in your office if necessary.

7. Box

You can sync your files from a mobile device to another larger device or to a cloud account through Box. It offers several gigabytes of space for you to work with at the start and will handle a large variety of different

8. QuickBase

QuickBase works as a program that stores documents, email attachments and tables in many places. The information that is covered in QuickBase can be saved from individual files and sent onto a full online account that can be accessed by any device with a proper cloud support system and also ensuring that data is easy to protect through a password-support system.

9. Mindomo

Mindomo is designed with project management needs in mind. It allows you to export information in real time and create more mind maps to make your data as easy to follow and use as possible. If used right, it can make it easier for your data to be organized and set up carefully enough.

10. Office 365

The last tool to see is Office 365, a cloud-based program from Microsoft that lets you access Exchange and SharePoint among other programs from any device. This lets you get your documents for such programs saved up to an online account that you can reach later regardless of whether individual computers that you use have the programs that you want already installed on them.



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