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4 new ecommerce trends you should be aware of

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There are a lot of different ways to earn money online. In fact, many traditional jobs are now transitioning to a virtual environment, which means that the methods a person can use to earn money via the web are almost endless. Of course, some methods are easier to break into than others.

For example, one of the fastest and most straightforward ways to earn money via the internet is through trading and investments. Forex is one, but a better avenue is binary options. According to 24option, binary option trading consists of short term investments in which you “bet” on how a stock will perform within a specific time frame. If you’re right, you earn money. If you’re wrong, you lose money. It sounds risky, but many earn a full time living via binary option trading.

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If you’re hoping to build something of your own however, the simplest field for the aspiring entrepreneur to break into is ecommerce. Ecommerce comprises everything from selling goods you make yourself online to affiliate sales programs. If ecommerce is something that interests you, here are a few of the new and noteworthy ecommerce ventures you should be aware of:

Sell Through Amazon

Wait, what? Selling your old stuff through Amazon isn’t a new form of ecommerce! Relax, readers, that’s not what we’re talking about here. We are talking about selling your own branded products through Amazon. In an article on Penny Hoarder, one blogger shared her method of using Amazon to make money every month. She’d buy generic versions products that were already in high demand, repackage and brand them with her own logo and materials and then sell them through the Amazon marketplace like any other private seller. It’s a great ecommerce gig that is as passive or as active as you want it to be.

Get Your Gear On

Your outdoor gear, specifically. According to CIO, one of the hottest trends in ecommerce right now is outdoor and athletic gear. It’s easy to understand why: people are increasingly interested in their physical health. We have yet to see a year when more people opted out of health-based investments than opted-in. In addition, with western culture’s growing obsession with physical fitness, there has also been an uptick in “prepping” especially since the news about Cascadia broke. If you’re looking for affiliate sales programs or ideas for products/topics to talk about on your website, this is a fantastic place to begin.

Education is the Key

In that same CIO article, the author mentions that e-Learning and educational products are also one of the best e-commerce income sources for newbies to explore. There will always be people who are interested in learning new skills and subjects. You can sell e-learning materials as an affiliate or, if you are willing to invest your own time, you can create products of your own to sell independently. Be careful, though: you will need to choose a niche within e-Learning on which to focus. The umbrella topic of online education isn’t going to do you much good as it is too general for most marketing purposes.

Go Mobile

Econsultancy predicted that 2016 will be the year that smart phone app/software sales will outpace those for desktop systems. If you want to get into ecommerce, selling apps is a great way to earn money. This is particularly good news for coders who need to make interim money while finding full time employment or who prefer to build businesses of their own. If you don’t yet know how to code or build apps, don’t despair: there are many free resources that will teach you what to do and how to do it. Even if you aren’t interested in apps, per se, ensuring that your ecommerce platform is available and marketed on mobile devices is incredibly important.

Remember, choosing the direction to travel is often the easiest part of ecommerce. From here you have to figure out which platforms are best, how to market your idea/product, etc. Make no mistake, this is a lot of work. If you are dedicated however, we have all the faith in the world that you will be successful!

Featured image: FirmBee via Pixabay

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