10 great merchant account providers (that aren’t PayPal and Google Wallet)

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When your ecommerce dreams are new and you aren’t yet sure how to run an online store, it makes sense that you would use the most popular online payment services providers on the web. Indeed, Paypal and Google Wallet offer some interesting and exciting merchant services when you have no clue what you need or how you want your shop to function.

However, after a few months, most people in the ecommerce industry become frustrated with the titans of the internet: Paypal is outrageously expensive, Google’s customer service is atrocious, and both have clunky interfaces that rarely mesh well with specific site branding. Eventually, every entrepreneur starts looking for merchant account alternatives, and here are the best on the web.

PayLine Data
PayLine is one of the best account providers on the web for one reason: transparency. The company provides all the services you need for your e-commerce business ― or your traditional retail store, for that matter ― and it does so for simple, low, monthly payments. You can customize your plans perfectly, choosing only the “simple” or “professional” option for each processing type, to ensure you aren’t overpaying for your needs.

If you built your brand on business consciousness, you’ll likely be pleased to learn that there is a merchant services provider with the same goals for society and the environment. Dharma offers the standard services your business needs to survive as well as fundraising features for non-profits. Plus, Dharma generously donates a sizeable percentage of its profits to charity every year, so you can feel good about this business expense.

E-Complish is more than a merchant account provider. The company works hard to find challenges facing online businesses and provide ecommerce payment solutions that work with your existing business and website model. The result is nearly miraculous; E-Complish provides some of the most comprehensive services on the internet, which is astounding considering the diversity of services the business offers.

The sheer number of services and devices that come free with SalesVu services is perhaps what draws most businesses to this provider. SalesVu’s main product is a POS system for iPhone and iPad, but with this, you gain access to a free card reader, a free ecommerce website, and free telephone support, as well as a veritable bounty of other features, such as Quickbooks integration, digital invoicing, end-of-shift reports, mobile optimization, and more.

Dwolla is not a small player in the online merchant services game, but the site is so practical and straightforward, it is nearly impossible to ignore. Dwolla makes moving money online incredibly simple, and some of its services are thoroughly free. The service is fast and safe, and businesses can upgrade to unlock more advanced features for a customized monthly rate.

It may not have the flashiest name, but Authorize.Net is perhaps the oldest payment gateway online. Created in 1996, Authorize.Net has survived the twists and turns of technology (not to mention the economy) and still caters to more than 375 000 merchants. The site is stable, which you definitely need the most of in business.

CDG Commerce
In addition to its bevy of free services and noteworthy lack of fees, CDG Commerce has one of the best reputations for customer satisfaction. The company has been operating since 1998, and it has offered its reliable payment portal (thrillingly called the Quantum Gateway) since 2007. CDG offers uncomplicated services for ecommerce sites that don’t need much.

ACH Payments
The internet allows us to interact internationally, but not all merchant services providers offer global services. If your business often crosses national boundaries, you should look to ACH Payments. Along with the company’s global money transactions, its various merchant services are amazingly powerful and incredibly useful.

Another global services provider, 2CheckOut differs from the rest in its disinterest in differentiating businesses from others who need to accept digital payment. Though it certainly offers quintessential merchant services ― credit and debit processing, shopping cart options, recurring billing, etc. ― the company doesn’t require merchant accounts. Anyone can sign up and start receiving payments.

If you use WordPress, you need WooCommerce. As exciting as its name suggests, WooCommerce provides simplified versions of essential ecommerce services, so they are both vendor- and customer-friendly. Plus, the company compiles a number of educational resources, such as tax and shipping rules in your region, to help your business perform even better.

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