Digital coupon startup SnapnSave hits 130k downloads

Digital coupon startup SnapnSave this week announced that its apps have been downloaded more than 130 000 times.

According to a press release sent to Memeburn, the startup has so far paid over R500 000 in cash back to its users, with some racking up R2000 in savings.

What makes SnapnSave different to other couponing services is that people using it are only required to take a photo of their till slip to prove that they’ve bought the discounted items. That’s important for a couple of reasons: first it means that SnapnSave isn’t beholden to the retailers and second because it means users don’t have to have any additional interactions with the tellers.

“Mobile coupons are booming in South Africa,” says SnapnSave CEO Mark Bradshaw. “Unlike some of the big loyalty programmes, the benefit with SnapnSave is that shoppers can save no matter where they shop”.

SnapnSave has been ranked the #1 shopping app in the South African Apple store and the #1 lifestyle app in the local Google playstore.

At the end of each month when debit orders are flying out of bank accounts, SNAPnSAVE says it tries to ease the burden with their ‘Money Makers’, a list of goods paying up to 70% cashback. This feature has become so popular that happy snappers are often asking in advance what products will be featured and even suggesting their own.



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