FNB crowns WiGroup CEO as winner of 2016 Innovation Awards

SA banking institution FNB named WiGroup founder and CEO, Bevan Ducasse, as the winner of its FNB Business Innovation Awards for 2016.

As Ducasse’s prize, FNB and SWISS International Airlines will sponsor his attendance to the Endeavor International Selection Panel (ISP), which takes place in September in Boston, USA.

Those selected for ISP will stand a chance of being selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur, which will grant them access to a global network of founders and mentors.

“This accolade is testament to the hard work and dedication that has gone towards establishing wiGroup as a trusted and reputable brand. Innovation and excellence have always been at the centre of our business. We will continue breaking boundaries while still delivering quality products and services to our clients,” says Ducasse in a press release to Ventureburn.

When selecting a winner, FNB looked at the startups potential for growth, job creation, and its potential for innovation. Other factors included if the startup was willing to take advice and support from FNB and Endeavor, as well as contributing to the Endeavor network, brand, reputation, relations, and a range of other factors.

“The FNB Business Innovation Awards have undoubtedly proven that South Africa has a lot of potential to create high-impact global businesses. We need more platforms of this calibre to unearth and recognise innovative businesses with the capability to create sustainable jobs,” says CEO of FNB Business, Michael Vacy-Lyle.



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