Raising your game: Themba Dube and The Numb3r Factory [SPONSORED]

Less than five percent of people affected by disabilities in South Africa receive the tax benefits that they are entitled to. Tax consultant Themba Dube has dedicated his career to helping these individuals to receive the benefits that they so desperately need.

See how Themba raises his game

A taxman with a big heart

Growing up in Soweto, Themba Dube has always had a strong social conscience. So when he graduated as a tax consultant, he wanted to use his skills to make a difference in his community. It all came together when he was approached by a client with a disabled child and realised that he could help people by ensuring that they get the tax and social benefits that they are due.

Themba often has to transport his clients to tax offices and seminars across Gauteng, which was challenging in his small hatchback car. With its large passenger capacity and easy configurability, the Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer will enable Themba to help more people in need.


Going places

Themba was impressed by the Vito’s easy handling and spacious interior.


Room for everyone

A highly configurable interior ensures that Temba can transport passengers like Joan in comfort.


Running the numbers

With a capable, economical and spacious van like the Vito, Themba can transport more people to his tax seminars and to SARS offices to help them maximise their tax benefits.
Themba raised his game, and so can you.

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