Five tech startups chosen for Dutch #cocreate2ACCELERATE challenge

Five SA tech startups have been selected as part of the #cocreate2ACCELERATE challenge, an initiative created by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

According to a press release sent to Ventureburn, all of the participants will be partnered with a Dutch entrepreneur in order to “exchange ideas and innovations for a sustainable future.”

For example, video game startup RetroEpic will be partnered with Esther Jacobs, who has given more than 1000 keynotes, helped over 50 entrepreneurs write books, and has been knighted by the Dutch Queen, among other things.

The four companies are video game startup Sea Monster; application builder, Polymorph; app specialist, &Innovation; agriculture technology business, GreenFingers Mobile.

Other partners include public speaker, Jan Henk Bouman; entrepreneur Kevin Weijers; business strategist, Jabbo Smulders; gaming entrepreneur Anke Kuipers.

“South Africa and the Netherlands are both innovation hubs, and the companies participating in #cocreate2ACCELERATE are some of the most innovative in their field. It is important for us to support South African SMEs by creating mutually beneficial long term partnerships and economic growth,” writes Dutch Consul-General, Bonnie Horbach.

This is an initiative takes place from 11 and 21 August at the Open Design Festival.



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