Raising your game: Charne Gerber and Copeland Stables [Sponsored]

Doctor, mom and charity director Charné Gerber is an all-round superwoman. Acquiring Napoleon, her first Friesian stallion, was the catalyst for her latest venture, Copeland Stables.

See how Charné raises her game:

Best of breed

From a young age, plaasmeisie Charne had a deep-seated love of horses. Copeland Stables is the culmination of her lifelong passion and an exciting challenge for this ambitious entrepreneur. From a single stallion, her herd has grown to seven majestic Friesians.

Whether she’s ferrying her kids to the family farm or towing a prize Friesian stallion to a show, Charné needs a vehicle that’s safe and dependable in all conditions. Since she bought her first C-Class in 2000, she has always been a devoted admirer of the Mercedes-Benz brand, and the Vito completely exceeded her expectations.


Hoofing it

With a drive system that perfectly balances power and fuel economy, the Vito can handle any load, even prize Friesians like Jasper and Xerxes.


Beauty in motion

A big reason why Charné loves the Vito is its premium styling; an elegant way to transport her prize horses.


More than Mom’s taxi

Charné leads a multifaceted life. Whether she’s racing to the clinic, doing the school run or transporting her horses across the country, the Vito does it all in style and comfort.

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Mercedes Benz


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