Pitch Day 237 selects 4 startups for second leg of Activation Bootcamp

The second leg of  Pitch Day 237, organised by the African Centre for Technology, Innovation and Ventures Spaces (ActivSpaces) alongside Cameroon Angels Network (CAN), has come to an end.

ActivSpaces is a tech hub which aims to progress the state of technology in Cameroon through an intense six-month incubator programme called the Activation Bootcamp. CAN is the first angel investor network within the country which seeks to invest in all sectors and industries who have an interest in technology.

The event saw 12 startups pitch to startup investors for seed capital, eventually being whittled down to four:

Kemi Store  – An online store that lets you purchase from any website in the world and have the product delivered to you within 15 days.

OZI Press – A digital kiosk which allows you to view Cameroonian newspapers

Idjangui  – A mobile application that allows you to easily manage your tontine financial transactions

Felicity –  A smart and efficient way to manage promotional campaigns

According to Venture Capital For Africa, ActivSpaces and CAN will enable startups to grow by “monitoring follow-up estimated to 4.6 million CFA (7836 USD),” as well as 1-million in Communauté Financière Africaine Franc.

Among those in attendance were Rebecca Enonchong, the CEO of Apps Tech (a global provider of enterprise application solutions) and Roland Kwemain who is the Junior Chamber International President. Joining them was the vice-president of Apps Tech Eric Niat and Marvin Cole (CEO and founder of Ovamba).

Among last year’s winners were:

Viva – An enjoyable means of entertainment for those travelling on buses and planes.

Djoss TV  – An application that allows you to share your reactions and give live commentary with others from around the world.

For more information on the next leg of Pitch Day 237 click here 

Featured image: Kalacaw via Flickr 



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