7 things you need to include in your plan to become a successful entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is hard work. There is no easy way and you need to work hard to become successful. Ever heard of the saying: “No Pain No Gain”? Putting in minimal effort will get you nowhere! Ask any entrepreneur if it was easy or hard to become successful? Answers will vary, but something you’ll hear from all of them is it was hard. Believe me, there is nothing easy about starting a business.

If you thought working for a boss was hard, the entrepreneurial path can be challenging. Being your own boss can be demanding, scary and bring on a lot of uncertainty at times. But are there certain things you could include in your plan to bring on success easier? Yes, there are, but remember, easier not faster!

1. Start your business part time

Don’t just quit your job. If you’re starting a business without financing, it would be dumb of you to quit a great job. Your day job might consume most of your time, but working after hours will be rewarding.

Remember, entrepreneurship is all about taking smaller risks. Your first small risk could be getting your business off the ground. I run my business part time. The most important thing I could have done is putting a plan in place to achieve certain goals.

One of my goals was getting a website in place and I set a time, date as to when I had to complete this task. You need to create a work schedule for your part time business and plan your personal life around this. Work when you need and set out a plan with goals in mind.

For instance, you could plan like this:

  1. Create my website – (Website needs to be completed by x date)
  2. Create Business Logo – (Logo needs to be completed by x date & time)

You get the idea. Completing tasks and being dedicated will help you see the goals you’ve accomplished. Believe me, there will be dark days when you’re not motivated and inspired. I experienced this, but it’s the will to work through even though its feels like you’re not succeeding. Minimal accomplishments made me feel great.

2. Find an experienced entrepreneur to mentor you

I found that speaking to experienced entrepreneurs made me a bit wiser and motivated me. Many successful entrepreneurs owe their success to entrepreneurs who were successful way before them. Mentors can give you great insight into running a business.

Start-ups think mentors are not necessary but they are vital to your success. If you don’t have a mentor, try and find one as quick as possible as this will be an advantage.

3. Befriend other entrepreneurs

Getting to know other entrepreneurs can be a great way to stay motivated. People with the same mindset tend to rub off each other, but be sure to connect with positive people who are driven and motivated. Exchange ideas and be in contact with other people who are starting out their business. This way you can network yourself and get to meet other business owners who have the same mindset as you or they might even need your services.

4. Master one product/skill at a time

Your excited and you would like to sell an array of services. It’s better to master one product/skill at a time, instead of overexerting yourself. Capture a small market first by introducing a popular product/skill that sells well. The best way to achieve this is by offering a service/product you good at.

Marketing your product through word of mouth, online marketing, webinar or e-book. Starting small can lead to a successful business.

5. Prioritise your time

Try and schedule at least two hours a day to complete certain tasks for your part-time business. Working in short bursts helps you be more productive as opposed to working longer hours.

So what can you do in two hours?

  • Work on your business plan
  • Create a logo
  • Create social media pages for your business
  • Create a website
  • Work on a sales pitch
  • Creative plan to get clients for your business

Whatever you do, always make time to improve your business. Successful entrepreneurs are the ones who make time for their business and work hard to achieve their goals. Spending 2 hours a day on your business can lead to you quitting your day job and run your business full-time.

6. Grow your brand

Grow your brand and never stop doing so. The best thing you can do for your business is getting brand recognition. Your brand will help you build trust, build a community of followers on social media and help you gain sales. Giving your brand an online presence will help you get your products in front of the people who need it the most.

7. Invest in your entrepreneurial skills

Successful entrepreneurs always invest in their skills by educating themselves. You can never stop learning. Enrol in entrepreneurship courses, business skills courses or financial management courses. Completing such courses will equip you with the knowledge you need to become successful. Attend a marketing course to help you market your business is a great start to progressing.


Becoming a successful entrepreneur is hard work and there are no short cuts to get your there quicker. You need to be motivated, work hard and put in all the effort you can. What would you add to this list to make your journey a bit easier to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Feature image: geralt via Pixalbay.

Charl Vollmer


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