SA gaming startup makes waves at EIG Expo in Berlin


Online gaming platform Gaming Battle Ground (GBG) has trumped hundreds of international startups at the EIG Expo in Berlin.

GBG was the only South African startup to make it through to the final pitching round, placing within the top five overall. It was also nominated as the top eSports contender for the entire competition.

The panel of investors consisted of many industry professionals. Led by director of iGaming Capital, Melissa Blau, the panel also consisted of the ex-MD of Techstars, Jon Bradford; partner of Burlywood Capital, Mark Blandford; director of Velo Partners, Evan Hoff; CEO of Optimizer Invest, Carla Maree Vella; CEO of GamCrowd, Chris North, and head of content at Clarion Events, Ewa Bakun. 

The SA gaming brand was founded by Greg Hamilton Stevens during his time in Eastern Europe, completing the project once he returned home to SA.

GBG has been approached by several interested VCs and will be negotiating with them in the coming weeks

The platform offers players the opportunity to earn rewards by competing in eight games, including Starcraft 2, DOTA, League of Legends and CS:GO. Players are allowed to pick their own dates and games for tournaments as individuals or in groups.

“That GBG was even invited to the EIG Expo’s Startup launchpad is a significant achievement and validation. It tells the global community that the South African gaming and eSports industries are highly innovative, competitive and investment-worthy,” said gaming pro and DOTA 2 commentator, Gareth Woods in a press release to Ventureburn.

“Gaming is big business and is supported by an estimated 1.7 billion gamers worldwide. And the exciting thing is that South African gaming startups are now amongst the most noteworthy new entrants into this market,” Woods continued.

“We’re very proud of the platform and how well it performed at EIG. It’s an important affirmation that we are on the right track and offering the market something it needs,” said Hamilton. “We are very excited about the future of competitive eSports in SA and we hope that platforms like GBG will take the local scene to the next level.”



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