18 African startups to pitch at the Seedstars Global Summit

Seedstars Global

Out of the hundreds of African startups that pitched for their spot at the Seedstars Global Summit, only 18 have made the cut.

Partnering with VC4A to attract and monitor eligible startups across Africa, the 18 winners go on to pitch in front of an international crowd at the summit in April this year.

“We couldn’t be more excited for these entrepreneurs and want this event to play a part in accelerating a pan-African innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurship community,” Seedstars World stated in a press release.

18 African startups were selected to pitch at the Seedstars Global Summit

The 18 startups, along with others from around the world will undergo a two-day bootcamp, and master class. They will be receiving mentorship from top accelerators such as The Founders Institute, eBay, Amazon, and SwissRE.

They will also stand a chance to win US$500 000 in equity investments.

The top 18 African startups to compete at the Seedstars Global Summit are:

  • IDWork — Uses tech to organise and mobilise informal service providers to offer a better and cheaper experience to employees.
  • BlackBox TV — Is a streaming service which requires no online connection due to their use of third-party programmes.
  • Wi-Connect Lda — Aims to bring free internet to the people of Angola.
  • Kangpe — Uses SMS, web-app and mobile communications to give users access to 24/7 health advice from verified doctors
  • Chalkboard Education — Is an educational startup which offers a plug-and-play solution to university students and NPOs without the use of an internet connection.
  • Etudesk — A web platform which gives academic institutions and students access to courses.
  • Aiko Corp — Uses a USSD as well as a web platform to offer medical institutions the ability to transmit medical files to their patients confidentially.
  • Hulubet —  Is an online event marketplace and management system.
  • Jamii — At just US$1 a month, this micro-health insurance startup aims to bring affordable health insurance to the informal sector’s population.
  • Akiba — A financing solution which helps users manage their finances through practical tools.
  • iNuka Pap Limited — A medical insurance startup which grants its subscribers access to free medical insurance by allowing them to save and borrow loans.
  • Wutiko — Is a professional job network which allows job seekers to find work and corporations to post for wanted positions.
  • Dr CADx — is a computer aided diagnostic system which helps medical professionals to diagnose conditions from medical images.
  • Bua.Space — Is a service rating platform for the service industry, giving its users the ability to send and respond to customer feedback.
  • Dalli — Is an object recognition and navigation system for the visually impaired.
  • Tutorama — Is a curated marketplace for parents to connect with top quality tutors.
  • Evey Technologies — Gives community managers the ability to realise real-time votes and surveys through an automated data analysis.
  • Kasha — Is a healthcare startup which delivers feminine health products confidentially through their retail platform.



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