New Economy Accelerator announces second cohort of entrepreneurs


New Economy Accelerator (NEA) has selected 12 entrepreneurs to join its 10-month readiness programme, which commences in February.

The objective of the NEA is to find SMEs in SA which could potentially have a large impact socially and environmentally, as well as to provide those startups with the necessary support and development assistance needed to scale successfully.

Those selected attended a three-day NEA bootcamp to determine whether or not they make the cut for the programme.

The participants were selected for their use of innovative methods to tackle challenges such as nutrition, sustainable agriculture, digital inclusion, renewable energy as well as waste management among others.

NEA has chosen 12 startups to join its vigorous accelerator programme

The following startups were selected to participate in the NEA:

  • Akwande Farm — this idea stage idea stage company will aim to build and develop skilled staff in hydroponics, livestock, farming, dairy farming, aquaponic farming and more.
  • Bolimi Bokamoso — besides being an agricultural retailer to farmers, this startup aims to offer training and mentorship to emerging farmers.
  • DigiTicket SA — an online ticketing solution which accommodates transactional solutions such as tickets for events, restaurant meal tickets as well as accommodation and more.
  • Gamagara — a solar-energy startup which deals with the supply, installation and maintenance of solar water heaters, solar pool heaters, solar street lights, etc.
  • Kalahari Fire — this events management startup deals with organising family-friendly outdoor events such as paintball, go-karting obstacle course racing, and quad biking.
  • Lamo Fuel Primary — as a biodiesel manufacturer, it aims to develop working models of biofuel from sunflower seeds, with some prototypes already being developed.
  • Mthura Resources — is a produce retailer, specialising in selling chickens to the public while their produce eggs are sold to the local community.
  • Nutrifounder Consultants — an educational startup geared toward educating the public (specifically schoolgoers) about healthy nutrition.
  • Pocket Tutor — is an online education tool for educators and students to use.
  • Roots Accommodation — aims to transform reusable shipping containers into affordable rental accommodation for students.
  • Tebatso African Eco Spa — as a startup using authentically African healing and wellness methods to treat whoever comes through their doors.
  • Thebe ya Setshaba — a waste-management service which stores and re-purposes disused tyres.

“The aim of the NEA is to identify committed social entrepreneurs with innovative businesses that have high potential to transform rural economies in South Africa and the continent,” said the convener of the NEA, Dr Mao Amis, in a press release to Ventureburn.

“Rural economies are critical for driving social transformation, yet face significant challenges resulting in high levels of youth unemployment and food insecurity. The NEA aims to promote inclusive business models that will help create opportunities in rural economies to rejuvenate the sector.”

Amis also commented on the importance of having more gender diversity in the programme. “Women make a third of the intake and the majority are youth under the age of 35 years. We are delighted about that, because women continue to be under-represented in entrepreneurial development programmes and in many sectors of the economy.”



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