Reunert acquires majority interests in tech SMEs


Technology group Reunert, which manages a portfolio of ICT-related companies among electrical engineering and applied electronics firms, has added two more companies to their portfolio.

Reunert’s first acquisition is a 51% stake in Terra Firma Solutions. The company aims to be a leader in the turnkey energy engineering solutions sector. Their speciality lies in serving predominantly industrial and commercial sectors within SA.

According to Terra Firma, the company has already installed numerous rooftop solar energy systems with more than 800 sites covered under their remote energy and water management solutions.

Reunert’s intention to have a majority stake in Terra Firma was so that the company could take advantage of the shift towards renewable energy. According to Reunert, Terra Firma has a “strong order book and firm relationships with major property and industrial groups”.

The second acquisition consisted of a 74.9% stake in robotics designer and manufacturer, Ryonic Robotics.

Reunert has increased its portfolio to better prepare itself to take on emerging tech markets

Ryonic Robotics was founded in 2014 and creates state-of-the-art robotics systems which have various industry applications.

The robotics company made its breakthrough when it locally designed and manufactured unmanned ground vehicles (UGV). These vehicles were used for inspections of dangerous areas such as pipelines.

Ryonic’s first export orders for their UGVs have already been shipped to the US where it’s planning on taking a massive market share with their products.

This robotics company seemed to be a good investment according to Reunert as not only do their customer base naturally overlap but Ryonic’s innovative solutions can augment some of Reunert’s products.

“These bolt-on acquisitions fit well with Reunert’s growth strategy into new emerging technologies that complement our existing electronics and electrical engineering expertise,” concluded Reunert chief executive Alan Dickson, in a press release.



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