RiseUp takes 6 startups to Silicon Valley


Startup network, RiseUp took six startups to Silicon Valley from 4 April to 13 April. The programme exposes startups from the Middle East and Africa to the tech hub, allowing them to integrate with other startups, resulting in acceleration and growth. The programme is organised in partnership with Voyaj and TechWadi as well as the World Bank.

“We cater an experience where startups have an opportunity to get exposed to new markets, connect with global industry leaders, network with investors, the global media, and most importantly gain know-how that will help them build better businesses,” said RiseUp’s founder, Con O’Donnell in a press release.

RiseUp aims to accelerate startups by promoting cross-ecosystem development

The event will take its participants to various entrepreneurial conferences and summits such as the Launch Festival as well as a tour with TechWadi around the campuses of Google, Facebook and 500 Startups.

“We are excited to take some of the regional entrepreneurs to San Francisco, experiences like these open doors for the entrepreneurs and even change startup industries,” said O’Donnell. The chosen startups were selected because they met judges criteria which were: maturity, scalability, innovativeness and global readiness.

The six startups selected were:

  • AlMakinah — Provides entrepreneurs with programming bootcamps to help them create a high calibre of work.
  • 5dVR — Is a startup working within the VR industry and in 2016 had a 100% profit margin delivering projects in Europe and Asia, according to the company.
  • La Reina — is a rental platform stocking designer dresses. The company started with just US$2000 capital and broke even on its second month.
  • Bosta — Is an on-demand delivery platform which allows private customers and businesses to send and receive shipments.
  • Eureka — Is an offline tech academy which specialises in education technology, innovation and engineering.
  • UpFuse — Is a startup which promotes a sustainable living through its products which promote an eco-conscious lifestyle.



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