Apply to be featured on 702, Cape Talk radio acceleration programme

In honor of ds106 radio and thinking ahead to our session at Northern Voice 2011, this retro mic was suggested as a prop-- it is pretty much a plastic piece of junk- it does record audio, with noise, and it wont work at all streaming with Nicecast. But it does have a light on top.

Startup founders looking for an opportunity to be exposed on national radio and to be coached by well-known talkshow host and entrepreneur, Pavlo Phitidis should apply now.

Phitidis runs the business accelerator programme every Thursday on 702 and Cape Talk with Nedbank.

The aim of the Business Accelerator programme is to talk about businesses on air and make listeners aware of them, as well as help accelerate their growth in 2017.

The programme is looking for companies that make a difference to consumers, operate in SA, and have an annual turnover of less than R150-million.

Every week Phitidis, who runs Aurik Business Accelerator, brings on 30 businesses drawn from Johannesburg and Cape Town.

He says he aims to run a specific show during the week of 19 June to discuss the results of 420 case studies of startups that have passed through the programme. He plans to run another update of the programme in the week of 25 September.

To apply for the programme, companies are required to be part of a CC or Pty, have been trading for more than three years, and changing the lives of consumers.

Those wanting to apply can do so here. Remember to select Ventureburn when asked where you heard about the Business Accelerator programme.

Featured image: Alan Levine via Flickr (CC 2.0, resize).



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