The do’s and don’t’s of mixing business with pleasure [Sponsored]

The majority of us spend most of our time, sadly enough, in work. And because of this it’s easy to see how so many of us find a partner, a fling or a sense of excitement with someone in the work place.

The chance encounters in work, the meeting up on a dating website or the years of working with someone you like very often boils down to an office romance that can improve or destroy your working day.

Whether you’re already seeing someone in work or a love interest has recently become single here are some do’s and don’ts to help it go a little smoother and avoid unemployment.

DO check out the office dating policy

I know this does sound rather formal and boring at the start of a potential office romance, but by being familiar with any written policies sets you off on the right track.

You have to understand what you are putting at risk and where the line can be drawn. Some employers have a strict no dating policy which means you could be sacked on the spot if caught, and then you ask yourself if he or she is worth it.

However other employers are more lenient and suggest still keeping things very professional in work whilst dating outside of work.

DON’T date just to curb your boredom

Dating someone in the same workplace as you is difficult enough without it being for the wrong reasons. If you’re looking for an office romance just to put some energy or interest in to your working day, then don’t. You have to both be on the same page and in this for the right reasons.

Escaping the day to day grind by flirting or romancing an office interest is not the answer to boredom. Either one or both of you could be fired, or one or the other could get the wrong impression from this ‘loving’ relationship and put so much at risk for nothing.

DON’T get caught on the photocopier

An office romance doesn’t always have to happen in the… well, the office! I know the secretive nature of your romance can be thrilling and the thought of getting it together in work can be a huge turn on but this is very dangerous.

Your world of work has walls, and ceilings with eyes, trust me, whether its CCTV, staff, mobile phones, computer records of conversations and so on these all weigh heavily against you when you’re trying to sneak around. Even when you think all your colleagues have gone home for the day, don’t forget the cleaners often work out of hours.

DO tell let your manager know

Before you do or tell anybody else, approach your boss and let them know. The moment you out it to friends or colleagues then it will be around your work place like wild fire. If your line manager or employer find about this romance through second hand information then this doesn’t look good.

If you are upfront and honest then you can dispel any rumours floating around the staff messenger system and be open with your boss. Don’t ramble on about how or when you met or got it together first, keep this conversation short, sweet and ensure that the utmost professionalism will continue throughout.

DON’T let the romance affect business

This is a cardinal sin that your office romance affects your office hours. The moment your relationship spills into your productiveness and changes your working performance the quicker your employer will start making its move towards you.

Discussing romantic or relationship issues at home or outside of office hours is important to maintain professionalism and the longevity of the relationship, and your job.

DO remember you have a social life

By spending most of your time in work, and then dating someone in work can become quite overwhelming and over powering. It will be important to remember you have a social life outside of this working role and romance. You will be spending huge amounts of time together in work and outside of work, especially if you live together or near each other.

An important aspect to this is your social life and remembering you both have lives away from the relationship. It will be healthy to take up a hobby, interest or exercise class to develop some independence away from this intense situation.

Maintaining a healthy social life outside of work will prevent either of you becoming too wrapped up or dependent on the other.



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