Inaugural Global Youth Index report to be unveiled at the 2017 Misk Global Forum

The first annual Global Youth Index will be unveiled at the 2017 Misk Global Forum set to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 15 and 16 November.

The report, which will be prepared by British consumer research agency Populus in collaboration with non-profit Misk Foundation, will reveal how confident and prepared the youth from 21 nations, including the G-20 bloc, are about the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“We are expanding the ambition and scope of the Misk Global Forum. We are set on becoming the pre-eminent global platform to discuss vital issues relating to young people, their future and the knowledge economy,” Shaima Hamidaddin, executive manager and project lead for the Misk Global Forum said in a press release.

The 2017 Misk Global Forum, titled ‘Meeting the Challenge of Change’, will explore ideas and trends that will affect the next generation

“Young people are coming of age in a world that is more connected and more fundamentally changing than at any time in human history. The Fourth Industrial Revolution of transformative technologies is disrupting economies and will affect the way we live, learn, work and contribute to our communities,” said Hamidaddin.

She added that the forum is expected to focus on practical advice on helping young people to develop their own solutions to meet the challenge of change.

In addition to the report being unveiled, a number of interactive workshops, seminars and masterclasses will take place at this year’s forum which is titled the “Meeting the Challenge of Change”.

The agenda of the forum will revolve around four themes around which participants will discuss ideas and trends in the knowledge economy and the impacts that these will have on the next generation.

Living: Health and well-being, constructive habits and social interactions, new entertainment and media consumption, what it will take to lead the good life over the long term and smart investing.

Learning: How to best integrate the right lifelong learning subjects and practices in order to achieve sustained success?

Working: Working in the age of intelligent machines, what new working structures will emerge? What is the payoff between more traditional forms of employment and new, more dynamic entrepreneurial and freelancing opportunities that will arise?

Contributing: How people can most effectively give back to their communities to deliver more sustained positive impact and create a wider virtuous circle of development.

Last year’s edition of the forum was attended by 3000 attendees from 65 countries and featured over 120 speakers working in tech, entertainment and sport.

Featured image: Misk Global Forum via Facebook



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