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The world wide web has enabled people from all over the world to start a business. From the US to Japan, a growing number of entrepreneurs are starting and growing their own ventures, giving themselves more opportunities to realise their dreams.

With the increasing popularity of the internet and successful online businesses, entrepreneurs have found that using the right project management solution to manage their daily business operations to be a key decision.

There are literally hundreds of project management tools available on the market that claim to be the best project management software for entrepreneurs. Some have more of a rightful claim on that accolade than others. One stands out, in particular.

Real-time insights

It is no accident that Wrike was named the best project management software available. Wrike is a collaboration and project management app that provides real-time insights into projects.

The aim is to improve both speed and efficiency for business teams. It serves as a project hub, which allows users to discuss ideas and tasks, store files in the cloud, and manage schedules.

Wrike’s three-pane view groups related elements together, and Activity Stream, which displays recent activities relevant to the project (not unlike a social media newsfeed), provides great visibility, both vertically and horizontally, across projects and tasks.

Efficient e-mail platform

Wrike also includes a very efficient e-mail communication platform. The tool’s effective use of the @ sign allows team members to comment using a specific thread or discussion.

This essentially means that Wrike inboxes don’t overflow and are limited to relevant discussions. With regards to management tools, the platform’s dedicated managed features are second to none.

It features a number of useful tools aimed for at managers and entrepreneurs. Certain features, the time-tracker for example, can be very effective in monitoring how a business’s resources are being invested and is an elegant.

Further, you can make use of an interactive Gantt chart to help you keep tabs on progress and makes Wrike a robust online scheduling solution.

Create projects

Wrike sets the bar for task management software. It allows you to create projects and populate them with tasks, which is great for entrepreneurs who like to test out various opportunities.

It also provides deadlines and enables you to assign one person to be responsible for the tasks, as well as to upload files. Other members of the team can create their own tasks, while also being able to view the big picture. The default setting maintains a degree of privacy over the information.

Wrike is great for solo-preneurs, as it offers a free plan for teams of five or less, so for an entrepreneur just starting out who’s building his team gradually, it’s an ideal solution.

Just $10 price

The professional package, still reasonably priced at $10 per month, includes enhanced security and a number of additional features. This plan can be used by thousands of users, so it can really grow alongside an entrepreneur and his business.

In fact, Fortune 500 companies use Wrike, with companies in numerous sectors making use of its wealth of features.

Tech firms, marketing departments, and social media companies alike all make use of the software, as does any company where project management helps to improve efficiency. Some of the software’s better-known clients include HTC, Electronic Arts, Google, Adobe, and PayPal.

In the long run, Wrike offers more impressive features than other agile project management software solutions on the market.

Compatible with variety of applications

If you’re looking for project management software that enables you to integrate lots of apps for accounting, file sharing, marketing, and other business tasks, Wrike is a great choice. It’s compatible with a variety of applications, such as Zendesk, Box, and most popular email systems.

Task management is Wrike’s main strength and what its reputation was built upon. Users are able to update and edit tasks easily as they progress their project. It shows any information required by the user on the dashboard and provides updates via the newsfeed.

Praised as top free app

Wrike has received a wealth of positive feedback, including 450 positive reviews on Capterra. It has also been praised as a top free project management app for small businesses, a top solution for entrepreneurs, and a top Getting Things Done tool.

Wrike’s free plan free plan is ideal or those who prefer to test the product before committing and is fully capable for managing a project. For high-powered task management, the free version may not meet your requirements.

Not that it’s lacking, as users can manage their tasks, use 2GB of storage, and track an unlimited amount of projects. The small upgrade cost, however ($9.80 per month for “professional), is more than worth it.

For $117.60 a year, you can integrations with Gantt chart functionality and Microsoft Project, as well as make use of an additional 3GB in storage.

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