How to build local brand awareness

Featured image: Pexels via Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons)
Featured image: Pexels via Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons)

Local search engine optimisation (SEO) has become central to the success of startups in the modern age, as small and independent businesses look to reach a targeted, regional market.

This is borne out by the fact 50% of customers who perform a local search on the smartphone visit a physical store within 24 hours, as the power of targeted, local marketing continues to resonate with businesses.

With this in mind, it’s crucial that your business looks to build brand awareness within the local area before looking to expand nationwide. Here are some steps that you can take to achieve this.

Invest in outdoor and offline media

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising has become increasingly popular in the modern age, particularly as consumer demographics such as millennials have become increasingly cynical of online ads.

Outdoor advertising channels such as billboards are also particularly effective customers within the local area, as materials can be placed in strategic locations that offer access to a large but targeted audience.

It’s also thought that an estimated 71% of customers absorb the messaging shared through OOH media, thanks to its striking visuals and non-intrusive nature.

It’s estimated that techniques such as billboard advertising are also 80% cheaper than mediums such as television, which in turn helps small businesses to make the most of their marketing budgets.

Utilise direct mail and leaflet drops

On the subject of offline marketing, direct mail and leaflet drops should also be leveraged by local businesses. After all, this is a relatively low-cost option, while it’s estimated return on investment (ROI) of £3.22 ($4.50) for every £1 ($1.41) spent is slightly higher than the corresponding return online.

Aside from this, the benefit of leaflet drops is that they enable you to target regional customers directly, while also using the medium to create brand awareness and share core product offerings.

You can also access optimal savings by partnering with service providers such as leafletdrop, who can offer the most suitable distribution method for your publications and also reduce the cost of higher-end materials such as brochures (which are ideal when marketing premium products).

Enter into local sponsorships and partnerships

On a final note, you can build long-term goodwill and relationships with customers by investing in the local community. This is also an excellent way of cultivating brand loyalty, while in some case this can also deliver savings to your overall business model.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to sponsor a local or junior sports team, as this only requires a relatively small investment and provides you with an excellent platform for promoting your brand.

Similarly, you should consider entering into local and mutually-beneficial partnerships that fortify the regional economy. This can also create opportunities to exchange services, reducing operational costs across an array of business disciplines.

Featured image: Pexels via Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons)

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