Here’s all you need to know about the ABInBev Sustainability Challenge

As part of its 2025 sustainability goals, global brewer Ab InBev has launched the AbInBev Sustainability Challenge, with entries closing on 31 May.

The AbInBev Sustainability Challenge will see 25 innovators behind the best submissions travel to South Africa for an acceleration bootcamp.

Thereafter, the top 15 winners from the acceleration bootcamp in South Africa will each win a trip to Silicon Savannah in Kenya. In addition, the finalists will stand a chance to visit and compete at ABInBev’s global accelerator in New York.

The AbInBev Sustainability Challenge will see 25 innovators participate in an acceleration bootcamp in South Africa

The challenge is split across five focus areas — namely: smart agriculture, water stewardship, climate action, circular packaging and entrepreneurship — which align with the brewer’s sustainability goals.

Smart agriculture challenge: The challenge seeks to find solutions that advocate to the youth to economically participate in agriculture initiatives within the confines of limited resources in order for them to go beyond sustaining their livelihoods and to commercialise their agricultural enterprises.

Water steward challenge: This challenge is aimed at innovators with innovative solutions on how to expand access to water and sanitation services among households with no access to water.

Climate action challenge: The goal of this challenge is to find forward thinking, and technologically advanced solutions that can reduce carbon emissions and the impact of climate change for households, communities, and businesses.

Circular packaging challenge: Do you have an innovative solution that uses waste streams as a resource, generating value, and redirecting them from landfills, ensuring a waste free, circular future?

The goal of this challenge is to identify promising new solutions and uses for waste packaging materials, in particular glass.

Entrepreneurship challenge: This challenge aims to find Africa’s top green businesses that are solving the continent’s sustainability challenges, while at the same time maximising job creation both currently, and in the near future.

To apply, innovators must upload a one-minute pitch video and submit their applications here.



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