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Sureswipe’s new referral programme boosts business and gives cash back

Sureswipe’s Referral Programme has stepped up a gear. It now incentivises not only staff and new and existing customers to refer friends and businesses to Sureswipe’s card payment products, but the larger business community as well.

Anyone can now refer Sureswipe to a new business and on installation of a product, get cash straight back into their pockets. To facilitate this process, Sureswipe has built a slick new dashboard that includes three simple steps that track the referral process.

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Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Complete your personal details and banking details

Step 3: Complete the details of the business you are referring.

As soon as the referred business signs up and installs the Sureswipe product, the cash back incentive kicks in.

This is what clients see on their dashboard when they refer a customer:

● Open – we were unable to get hold of your referral as yet

● In progress – We are in contact with your referral

● Qualified – Your referral has sent us all their Fica docs

● Won – The contract has been submitted and approved

● Installed – Your referral will be installed soon

● Payment pending – Funds are being processed

● Payment complete – Check your bank account

● Lost – Your referral was not interested in signing up this time.

Sureswipe’s Durban-based Regional Sales and Fulfilment coordinator, Yasmin Khaki is a champion of the Sureswipe referral programme and encourages clients and other businesses to refer customers.

“The success of Sureswipe’s referral programme is testimony to the company’s strong brand and the way it has helped over 9000 businesses offer card payments to their clients, and in turn, grow their businesses. It’s also great to give back to clients who have helped grow our business,” she said.

Says Khaki: “Sureswipe staff are also part of the programme which motivates them to further promote the Sureswipe message”.

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