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Natalie du Toit linked startup Sports Podium launches app to track golf scores via Pixabay

Having ditched plans to run an initial coin offering (ICO), a SA blockchain startup that includes Paralympic SA swimming star Natalie du Toit as one of its shareholders, is rolling out an app that will allow amateur golfers access to accurate scores of one another’s game.

Speaking to Ventureburn last week Sports Podium founder Jaco Rossouw said the startup launched the app in June. The app allows golfers to keep track of own another’s scores using the blockchain as a verification method.

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The current version of the app is already available for download from the Apple i-Store. In addition, anyone with any other sporting apps will be able to plug into the product using an API, Rossouw said.

The Pretoria-based startup now plans to approach golf clubs and organisations that hold corporate golf days, he said, while a pilot involving one or two golf courses is planned for this month.

“We are currently building the back end incentive mechanism on the blockchain. We will start to incentivise golfers using our application to capture their golf scores with our token in the not too distant future,” he said.

SA startup Sports Podium, which includes Paralympic SA swimming star Natalie du Toit as one of its shareholders, is rolling out an app aimed at amateur golfers

The startup decided to with golf as golfers are used to marking one another and submitting scores, he said.

In addition, golf is available around the globe. He pointed to a 2017 report by golfing association R&A which reveals that as of year-end 2016, there were 33,161 golf facilities in 208 of the world’s 245 countries.

The startup plans to generate revenue through targeted advertising and by partnering with sporting retail chains.

Rossouw said there were already “some” advertisers on the golf app, he said, adding that the startup is still building an advertising platform which will allow advertisers to gain access to certain sports-related data on potential clients to target their ads at. Sports users will be able to opt out of targeted advertising if they wish to do so.

While he could not provide the number of downloads made so far of the app, he pointed out that the startup has 3000 followers on its social media pages.

The startup next has its sights set on rugby, he said. Springbok rugby player Bryan Habana has put his name forth as a Sports Podium ambassador.

Meanwhile, Rossouw also told Ventureburn that the startup has since decided not to do an ICO and is funding the project itself.

In January Rossouw detailed plans to launch an initial coin offering (ICO) to fund the first “knowledge-based digital sports economy” for sportspeople. The platform relies on individuals participating in sport to provide sports information which is then verified using various algorithms.

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Last week he told Ventureburn however that the time and money one needed to invest in marketing an ICO to make it a success, made it not worthwhile in the end to run one. With so many ICOs being run at any time, it is difficult to differentiate oneself from the rest.

“I’d rather spend money with applications and sports retail stores to build the economy,” he added.

Featured image: markusspiske via Pixabay

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