CcHub planning on launching more Design Labs across the continent says founder

CcHub founder Bosun Tijani

The Lagos-based Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) is planning to launch further design labs on the continent, CcHub CEO and founder Bosun Tijani has revealed to Ventureburn.

Tijani’s comments, which he made in an email yesterday (28 February), follow the centre’s launch of its first CcHub Design Lab in Kigali, Rwanda last month.

In a statement announcing the launch of the design lab, CcHub described the launch of the centre as “an unprecedented next step” in Africa’s tech sector.

We’ve invested $11-million into the Design Lab project says CcHub founder Bosun Tijani

CcHub said the lab is set to become a “leading creative space”. He said a multidisciplinary team of CcHub product designers and engineers will collaborate with scientists and stakeholders to work on technologies that will solve Africa’s various problems.

Tijani (pictured above) said CcHub had “entirely funded” the lab which will be manned by a team of 15 members, comprising designers, engineers and product developers. “We’ve invested $11-million into the Design Lab project,” he said.

When asked whether CcHub has plans to launch similar projects elsewhere around the continent, Tijani revealed that the hub did have such plans.

“Yes — this is all part of our wider expansion strategy throughout Africa. We’re at a point of growth in the business, but the key factor for our next location is an ecosystem which can support innovation,” he said.

‘Design can further gains’

Tijani, who said he believes tech can “be an accelerator of development”, added that design can “really help to further those gains”.

“Design approaches, methods and tools help us purposefully create more effective responses to social development, especially in the areas we encounter the largest systemic problems,” he explained.

“In terms of public health, we’ll be looking to leverage technology to improve detection of diseases and raising adherence to treatment. For education, the focus will be Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (Stem) — more specifically looking at how we can raise students’ interest and participation through innovative methods.

“Lastly, we’re keen to see how we can improve the administration of public services in governance and develop more transparency in this area,” said Tijani.

In Rwanda, he explained the CcHub Design Lab will work with the Rwanda Biomedical Centre around public health, and that the lab is looking to partner with organisations and individuals that support and promote STEM education.

In addition, the lab will also work with the Rwandan government to ensure solutions can be applied “on a country-wide” level.

“Whilst the structure of our organisation is better catered towards fostering innovation, the strength of the government in establishing wide-scale change can’t be understated,” said Tijani.

Featured image: CcHub CEO and founder Bosun Tijani (Supplied)

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