Six ideas for a startup for those still in university [Sponsored]


While you’re a student, you can’t stop thinking about the bright future that awaits. You want to expand your horizons. You want to be successful, and you already have an idea for a small business.

When your teacher requires an essay, you try to connect it with those ideas for the future, so you’ll explore them in depth.

Why are you still in “exploration” mode? Small businesses don’t require huge budgets to get going.

If you start a company now, it may be biog by the time you graduate. If you miss this opportunity, someone else will start a similar business before you get on stage.

Don’t leave things to chance. You can launch a startup while you’re in university. Syllabye, Verb Energy, Coursicle, and many other successful brands were started by university students.

You can do it, too! We’ll give you a few ideas for startups that would work while you’re still in college.

Here then are six startup ideas that university students can implement:

1. Student employment consulting service

Do you know how many students have to work so they would cover tuition fees and living expenses? In South Africa, young people from 15 to 24 years of age are already an important part of the workforce.

They need jobs even if they don’t pay too much for education and they get scholarships. It’s better for them to earn some money, even if that means hiring an essay helper to cover the tasks they don’t manage to complete.

A student employment consulting service can mediate between students and companies willing to hire them. If you apply for government business sponsorship programmes, you may get funding for this type of startup.

2. Electric scooter rental company

Transport is a big issue for students. If you want your own startup but you don’t know where to start, this might be
a good idea.

You’ll get a few electric scooters, which are affordable and eco-friendly. You’ll set a rate for renting, and you’ll invest in good marketing.

If you study in a big city with a large campus, this is a great idea to explore.

3. Service that offers homework help online

No matter how hard teachers try to explain the research paper format, students still don’t get it.

They make an attempt to write the content, but end up thinking: “I would rather hire my assignment help service to write it for me.”

If you’re one of the few students who do well with academic writing, you can start this type of service. Feel free to visit this research paper service to see how the system works.

You’ll hire writers, and you’ll offer different types of papers for a reasonable fee. You may rest assured that many students will turn to your service.

4. Textbook exchange service

Textbooks are very expensive for an average student. You can start a rental service, which will allow them to use a
textbook for as long as they need it. Students will put their own textbooks on service, and they will get the ones
they need, too.

You can sell used textbooks or just rent them. You can offer options for your customers, so they will get what they

5. Motivational app for students

You can already find many apps trying to motivate students to stay committed to the learning journey. You can
start your own app! It can cover any aspect from productivity to mental health to academics to fitness.

You just need to make it unique, and focused on the student mindset. You can make the app free, so more students
will access it. You’ll still earn money by featuring ads on it.

6. Online tutoring service

Are you good at math, literature, physics, English, or any other niche? Many students are not. They need help, so
they are willing to pay a tutor. If there’s an online tutoring service in their native language, they will use it.

You can hire a few other students to work as tutors. Each will provide lessons in their area of strength. You can
offer these services to high school and college students. Needless to say, you’ll charge a fair price for them.

Business Progress Takes Time

No matter what type of startup you opt for, you should be aware of one thing: it requires time and a great deal of

Choose your idea, make a good plan, and stay on track. Your startup may not be crazy successful right from the
beginning. As you keep working on your brand, it will start attracting more customers.

All ideas we listed above require a minimal investment, but offer great opportunities for return of that investment.

If you have a cooler idea, go ahead and make it happen! The only right time to start a business is now. If you procrastinate, someone else will launch a startup based on a similar idea.

This article was sponsored by EduBirdie.



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