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Kenyan fintech startup Pezesha earlier this month took home the Best Catapulter Award at the conclusion of the Catapult: Inclusion Africa fintech bootcamp hosted by The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT).

Pezesha, a micro lending marketplace, was founded in 2016 by Hilda Moraa (pictured above, receiving the award from Luxembourg’s Minister of the Economy and Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs Franz Fayot).

In an announcement earlier this month, LHoFT said as part of her award, Morara received €3000 in prize money, a free membership at LHoFT, and full accommodation to attend the “Assises de la Coopération Luxembourgeoise” in May.

The startup was one of 11 African-focused fintech companies selected for the bootcamp which took place between 1 and 8 March in Luxembourg.

The fully funded week-long bootcamp was an initiative of LHoFT and is sponsored by PWC and Luxembourg Aid and Development.

Kenyan fintech startup Pezesha won the Best Catapulter Award at LHoFT’s Catapult: Inclusion Africa fintech bootcamp

The bootcamp culminated with a final pitch session and networking event, gathering the Luxembourg microfinance, financial services and fintech community at the LHoFT’s Fintech Friday on 6 March.

The 13 companies delivered their final pitches, leveraging the input they had received from the programme partners, experts and mentors over the course of the week-long bootcamp.

The other selected startups included (see this full list here) CinetPay from Côte d’Ivoire, A-Trader and Dundiza both from Tanzania, PaddyCover and Esusu from Nigeria, Eversend from France, Exuus from Rwanda, uKheshe from South Africa and Ghana’s People’s Pension Trust, the UK’s SympliFi, Nigeria’s SmartTeller and Ghanian and US based startup Ozé.

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Featured image: Pezesha founder Hilda Moraa pictured with Luxembourg’s Minister of the Economy and Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs Franz Fayot (Facebook)



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