Microtraction invests in Nigerian edtech startup Gradely

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Lagos-based early-stage investor Microtraction has invested in Nigerian edtech startup Gradely.

Microtraction made the announcement in a blog post on Medium last week.

The startup was founded in August last year by Seyi Adelaju, Boye Oshinaga (who serves as CEO as is the co-founder of fintech Riby Finance), Babatunde Caleb and Femi Ibiwoye (pictured above, left to right, respectively)

The startup uses an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to help parents and schools intervene real-time in student learning gaps.

In March, Microtraction announced that it has increased the amount it typically invests in startups from $15 000 per deal to $25 000, while also reducing the percentage equity it takes from 7.5% to 7% (see this story).

Gradely was founded in August last year by Seyi Adelaju, Boye Oshinaga, Babatunde Caleb and Femi Ibiwoye

In its statement last week announcing the investment, Microtraction noted that nearly a million secondary students fail maths or English in the Nigerian secondary school-leaving exams every year.

“Unfortunately, the current educational model means that parents and teachers do not know how poorly a student is doing until the end of the term when it’s too late to make any meaningful impact in closing that knowledge gap.

“They are also unable to target specific problem areas, help the student work through these difficulties, and measure progress in real-time,” the investor noted.

It’s here that Gradely helps, by providing an adaptive learning platform that helps parents and schools identify student learning gaps quickly and recommends specific ways to close those gaps.

“Through the deployment of personalised homework as well as other periodic tests taken by kids, teachers, and parents, Gradely is able to recommend a course of action as well as products and services to buy,” it said.

Students take tests assigned by teachers or parents, practice questions, view performance feedback, and take tutor or video sessions.

Through the Gradely platform, parents get feedback about their child’s progress. In addition, schools that ordinarily do not have enough insights to make informed decisions, can now do so in real-time.

Microtraction pointed out that so far 69 schools are using Gradely to digitise homework for their students.

It said the startup has curated over 4500 maths practice questions and over 80 video lessons for West African Senior School Certificate Examination and International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Perhaps more important is that Gradely now offers live online tutoring.

“Gradely’s laser focus on getting intelligible insights from the student’s work is what truly differentiates them and underscores their desire to make an impact in the collective growth and educational journey of each student in Sub-Saharan Africa,” said Microtraction.

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Featured image (from left to right): Gradely founders Seyi Adelaju, Boye Oshinaga, Babatunde Caleb and Femi Ibiwoye (Medium)



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