Sanofi announce names of 11 startups to pitch in AfricaTech Challenge

Global pharmaceutical company Sanofi has announced the names of 11 startups that will take part in an online pitch next month as part of its AfricaTech Challenge.

The pitch, which will take place on 11 June and includes four challenges, will replace the 2020 edition of VivaTech that was to be held in Paris, tech publication Techmoran reported in an article yesterday.

A winner for each of the four challenges will be announced at the end of the pitch.

Sanofi’s AfricaTech Challenge pitch will include four challenges and take place on 11 June

Techmoran said for the pitch Sanofi received 268 applications from 34 countries across the continent.

Challenge 1. Digital health book:

Bypa-ss (Egypt) has a healthtech platform called HealthTag that facilitates checkups.

Keeplyna (Tunisia) is an ehealth platform that offers telemedicine.

Eyone (Senegal) allows patients to share their medical records with health professionals.

Challenge 2. Smart logistics:  

Doctor 4 Africa (India) has an online platform that connects patients to health-care professionals in under served communities in Africa.

Mobilhealth International (Nigeria) is a telehealth electronic medical records and video app.

Challenge 3. Health financing: 

Soso Care (Nigeria) allows Nigerians to access health insurance and care in 1170 clinics.

MamaPrime (Kenya) enables mothers and their families to make pre-payments for their prenatal and postnatal care.

JokkoSanté (Senegal) is a digital payment platform for money intended for health.

Challenge 4. Maternal and neonatal health:

Teheca (Uganda) connects new and expecting mothers to qualified nurses for post-natal checkups at their homes.

The University Agency Innovation (Cameroon) has a spin-off called AUI Techno that designs and produces an interactive infant incubator.

Natal Cares (Nigeria) has an integrated solution providing healthcare, medical monitoring and emergency services to at-risk pregnant women and nursing mothers belonging to disconnected rural communities.

Featured image: Sanofi US via Facebook



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