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How entrepreneurs can have a work-life balance [Sponsored]

The country is currently on level three of lockdown. While many businesses are operating seamlessly, with employees able to deliver on tasks while working from home. Others still face the constraints of working remotely.

It’s not entirely easy.

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Having to chair a virtual meeting in the morning, possibly followed by your child needing help with their homework or a sudden emergency that happens at home can be tough.

However, it’s vital to keep yourself sane while ensuring your family is happy and also keeping the client content.


If you are struggling to balance your work and home life, here are a few tips to consider:

Set boundaries

Working from home can leave you getting carried away, working irregular hours.

If your workday starts at nine-to-five when you’re in the office, why should it end at 8pm when you’re at home? That email can wait!

Think about it, if a client sends you an email after business hours and you respond the next day during business hours — will that cause you to lose the client?

If your answer is “no”, then make sure you stick to your regular business hours if it works for you. If work ends at 5pm, turn off your laptop by that time.


If you have a small business, it’s normal for you to take up more tasks than you have the time to do. Doing mundane tasks take away valuable time you could use to do something meaningful for your business. Assign administrative tasks to someone else in the team. And if nobody in your organisation can do so, consider outsourcing.

Why should you struggle with document management when you can get an electronic document management system (EDMS) which is a technology that manages data capturing, document scanning and easy retrieval of records?

Avoid unnecessary pressure

If you feel that if you are not working every minute of the day, your company will fail, think again. No evidence proves that this is the case.

If you are always on your laptop and checking your phone for work emails, you may experience burn out much sooner and also miss out on special moments with your family.

Give yourself a break – remember you have a team who have their responsibilities. Let go and trust your employees.

Don’t feel guilty about taking a 30-minute break to go for a quick jog around the house or check-in with your family.


Create a schedule and ensure you have designated times during the day or week to recharge while doing something you love.

Running a business from home comes with its challenges that can weigh heavily on business owners.

Make sure you set time aside to go for a run, meditate, plan a date night, or whatever else that helps you unwind and temporarily forget about work.

Put yourself first

As an entrepreneur, your business relies heavily on your wisdom and assistance with making tough decisions. To stay sane, always set aside time for yourself.

By eating right, exercising, or reading an uplifting book, you are taking care of your mental health and ensuring you have inner peace.

Running a business from home is not always easy. But if you take care of your mental and social wellbeing, you’ll find that you can lead a fulfilling and happy lifestyle — at work and home!

This article was sponsored by The Document Warehouse.

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