Startup launches tool to ‘clean up’ government procurement processes

Autopilot Workflows founder Adam Shapiro. Photo: Supplied/Ventureburn
Autopilot Workflows founder Adam Shapiro. Photo: Supplied/Ventureburn

Local automation startup Autopilot has created a tool aimed at easing validation and authentication in the procurement process for local government. 

The procurement of critical personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies has become a critical issue around the globe due to the global pandemic. 

AutoCollect was created in three days at a Startupbootcamp AfriTech Virtual hackathon

Autopilot has developed AutoCollect in an effort to address the current issues surrounding the procurement of critical personal protective equipment.

The innovative platform was built within a mere three days during the Startupbootcamp AfriTech virtual hackathon, hosted in conjunction with the UK-South Africa Tech Hub and the UK Government-funded Global Digital Marketplace Programme. 


AutoCollect provides government and corporate clients with a complete solution that is accurate, transparent, and scalable. Additionally, it provides both government and corporate clients with a complete audit trail. 

Adam Shapiro, AutoPilot CEO, and co-founder explains the inspiration behind creating AutoCollect. 

“Our goal in building AutoCollect was to minimise the potential for lost suppliers because of incomplete information or sheer frustration. Manual onboarding processes can take weeks or even months, by which time a supplier might have lost the capacity to fulfill the procurement request”

Not only does AutoCollect cater to government procurement but it also can assist organisations in the onboarding process for customers and employees. Initially aimed at the government and the manufacturing sector, AutoCollect plans to expand its tools to be applied in the medical and call centre spaces. 

While the tool may have been built over just a few days, the thinking behind it had been in the works for some time. 

Shapiro explains that Autopilot saw a gap in the market to provide an affordable onboarding authentication process. 

“The issue of haphazard document approvals and clunky onboarding processes came up time and time again when we were consulting to clients. Our Market research revealed that there were a few companies that charged a fortune for these services and a few smaller companies that covered some of the bases. AutoCollect removes almost all those pain points”. 

AutoCollect has several features such as online forms to collect supplied information, business registration information verified against CIPC (optional); and supplier contracts generated, signed, and submitted online. 

AutoCollect comes with a once-off implementation fee, a monthly license fee, and a fee per verification. 

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Featured image: Adam Shapiro, AutoPilot CEO (Supplied)



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