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Biotech startup launches Covid-19 early warning and disease tracking solution

LifeQ, a biotech startup, has developed an early warning and disease tracking solution to protect employees in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Not only does LifeQ’s solution provide early detection of a possible disease, but the solution also determines the users’ risk of developing complications as a result of Covid-19 infection

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Early detection is critical as it improves the chances of healing for possible patients. The solution aims to safeguard employees as the country moves to lockdown level one, with some companies returning to an in-office regime. 

In an official statement, LifeQ has indicated that they plan to take their innovative solution to the next level, detecting other diseases aside from Covid-19. 

“The next version of LifeQ’s acute disease onset detector will monitor a greater variety of physiological streams that will make it even more effective for screening for the onset of a range of acute diseases beyond COVID-19.”

Founded by entrepreneurs Franco du Preez, Laurie Olivier and Riaan Conradie in 2014, LifeQ has gained immense traction since globally launching in 2015 (see this story)

Beneficial solution for businesses 

The early detection solution presents a range of benefits for clients: 

  • Prevents the disruption of business 
  • Minimises and possibly eliminate the costs of sterilisation of the facility 
  • Prevents the spread of Covid-19
  • Acts as an early-flagging solution that could save the lives of high-risk individuals. 

If an employee is found to present any anomalies according to the early warning and disease detection solution by LifeQ, the biotech startup will further assist with the remote monitoring of positive patients. 

The additional monitoring can provide insight into any possible or developing complications. This is carried out through a thorough and continuous analysis of patient data by one of the medical advisors. LifeQ claims that the medical advisor on hand “happens to be one of the most COVID-19 experienced professionals in the Western Cape.”

Laurie Olivier, CEO of LifeQ explains that early detection in the workplace is critical to ensuring the safety of all employees and fellow South Africans. 

“While the rise in COVID-19 infections has levelled, the number of daily new cases is still substantial, and globally employers are rightly cautious even in countries where the number of new infections is way down. With several countries reporting a second wave of the disease, no one wants to let their guard down. The only way to get back to a new normal is to introduce additional safety measures at offices, factories, schools, universities, and any other setting that involves large numbers of people in close proximity.”

Proven effective 

The tried and tested solution has proven effective as it has been adopted by ESET Southern Africa, a global cybersecurity company.

Following the roll-out of LifeQ’s Covid-19 early warning and disease tracking solution amongst employees at the South African offices of global cybersecurity company, ESET, the first COVID-19 early warning was detected. 

LifeQ explains that the early tracking solution enabled the company to safeguard its employees and prevent a further spread of Covid-19 among other employees. 

“The discovery of a physiological anomaly occurred almost a week before the onset of symptoms which triggered the employee to get tested and have a COVID-19 diagnosis confirmed. This early period before the appearance of symptoms is when the unknown spreading of the COVID-19 virus occurs.”

Following a positive diagnosis and early detection screening, the employee at ESET was instructed to stay at home in an effort to reduce infection among other team members. The employee’s spouse has also been onboarded with the technology to monitor them for possible infection.

Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO of ESET explains that adopting the biotech solution by LifeQ has ensured that their employees remain safe. 

“Now, with most of our teams returning to the office, we are doing all we can to ensure that our staff is safe and therefore our fellow South Africans are safe too, while also continuing business as usual and contributing to the economy. Early detection allows us to prevent the spreading of the infection and focus on ensuring the best care for our team members.”

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Featured image: Laurie Olivier, CEO and co-founder of LifeQ (Supplied)

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