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New car tech startup launches in Cape Town

Launched in August 2020, ServiceMyCar is a new car tech startup that focuses on providing a technological solution and platform to combat the challenges faced by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and independent workshop network.

The new platform allows users in the Western Cape to access affordable quotes for car repairs

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ServiceMyCar has been created by father and son duo Aidan and Athol Quin. With a reported 38 years of experience in the motor industry, the founders identified a technological solution to benefit both automotive customers and businesses simultaneously.

The startup began to raise capital in 2019, approaching various angel investors to pitch their business model and plan. ServiceMyCar informed Ventureburn that by June 2019, Aidan Quin had raised the first R5 000 000 in round one capital funding.

Finding a solution

ServiceMyCar is a tech solution to a problem in the automotive industry. Identifying that the independent car workshop network is highly underrepresented when compared to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).

As a result of what the founders have characterised as an ”unstructured marketplace”, ServiceMyCar provides a platform that promotes equal opportunity for both OEMs and independent car workshops to compete and is a collective movement through technology utilising eCommerce to transform the car service and repair industry.

Workshop assistance

ServiceMyCar has assisted and uplifted the car service and repair workshop industry in Cape Town providing a new avenue of income. ServiceMyCar provides free installation of their services to the workshops.

ServiceMyCar claims that each workshop is granted a massive technological advance. The startup provides cutting-edge automotive technology along with training and support for each workshop to establish a digital transformation.

ServiceMyCar Platform

ServiceMyCar partnered with The Gemini Solution, a leading software development company based in Cape Town, to create their online platform.

Users of the app are able to access automotive quotes from a network of 70 workshops across the Western Cape.In an official statement to Ventureburn, Aidan Quin co-founder of ServicemMyCar explains the benefits of their innovative car tech platform for users.

“Consumers now have a platform that promotes ethical and transparent pricing and ensuring consumers have a more educated and informed decision-making process.”

In order to ensure that all the independent repair workshops listed on the platform are transparent and offer affordable automotive services, ServiceMyCar carried out a rigorous process of weeding out workshops that overcharged and attempted to overcharge customers.

“The customer support team conducts an analysis on every quote and booking received, contacting and brokering the relationship between customers and workshops ensuring that they always act in the customer’s best interests,” explains Aidan.

The new car tech startup has reported that it has secured competitive quotations for over 200 clients within its first month of operation. Their service has saved users 25% on the average service or repair cost.

With this number expected to increase, the startup has announced that it will be regionally expanding across the country.

“It is expected for the number of users to double in September. This anticipated 100% increase in users has pushed the nationwide expansion of the company, which will start with Gauteng from October of 2020,” said Aidan.

The Gemini Solution reportedly made the formal decision to “take up an equity stake in ServiceMyCar in July 2020” due to its rapid user rate and pending expansion.

The Right to Repair Campaign

The launch of the app has coincided with the current proposed competition law changes that are anticipated in South Africa, headed by the Right to Repair campaign.

A statement from the Right2Repair website explains the campaign and its aims.

“Right to Repair SA aims to ensure fair competition in the automotive repair supply chain. The consumer must have freedom of choice out of the various offerings by a multitude of independent companies that offer him the combination of service and price that caters to his individual needs. In this perspective, full access to technical information, the freedom to source and supply replacement parts as well as diagnostic tools and test equipment is most crucial for all market operators to exert their professions and to be able to offer their competitive products and services for the benefit of motoring consumers. Only this ensures drivers the right to decide where to have their vehicle serviced and repaired. Such rights require that vehicle manufacturer efficiently and affordably make available to independent operators all software, tools, and repair information needed to service the vehicle.”

This change allows the customer to make their own decision on who services their vehicle and allows the independent workshop network access to the necessary information to ensure the job is done properly.

This change is of great value to the ServiceMyCar platform and its workshop partners.

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Featured image: Aidan Quin, co-founder of ServiceMyCar (Supplied)

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