Algerian startup temtem One launches all-in-one app

An Algeria-based startup, temtem One, has launched its “super app” to assist consumers via its digital platform. 

The “super app” is the startup’s first for the startup and provides access to digital services to its users

Founded in 2017, temtem One provides various services such as ride-hailing and a range of home maintenance services including plumbing, electricians, and more. 

Improving the lives of locals

Kamel Haddar, founder and CEO of temtem One, explains that the startup had been designed to provide much-needed services to locals. 

We design 100% made in Algeria products and services that serve local needs with one goal: improve people’s lives, by getting the services that matter more easily and even innovative services that do not exist elsewhere. For example, my mother who lives abroad can now gift her sister living in Oran a mobile phone, delivered in one hour,” said Haddar.

Temtem One more convenient super app

Temtem One’s newly launched super app will allow users to access services faster and conveniently. The app will allow users to access their services via a “unified login system” which is supported by an “integrated powered system.”

The app will function as a one-stop-shop for user’s needs catering to shopping, delivery of various goods, and transport. Users will be able to pay for these services via the app and transfer credit to other users. 

Creating employment in Algeria

The app has also assisted in creating employment opportunities in Algeria. 

Business owners will be able to utilise the app from an eCommerce perspective, enabling them to take inventory of their stock digitally and market their products via the app. 

The startup temtem One has partnered with corporations such as Adidas, Guess, Sergent Major, Puma, Huawei, Ooredoo, and Decathlon. In addition, it has also partnered with freelancers, repairmen, and drivers to get access to more consumers and meet increasing demand.

Urgent need for digital services during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic had shed light on the need for digital access to services in Algeria. The pandemic had also amplified the need for digital services for individuals, merchants, and corporations.

Haddar explained that he was proud of the team and their ability to adapt quickly to the crisis and the changing needs of their consumers.

“I was impressed by temtem One teams, who were willing and able to evolve day after day and urgently deliver the first versions of the application, despite Covid-19 constraints,” concludes Haddar.

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Feature image: Sara Kurfeß via Unsplash



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