SA security startup selected to join African Early Stage Investment Summit

A South African security startup, AURA, has been chosen to be part of the African Early Stage Investment Summit (AESIS) and the Venture Showcase. 

This year the events will take place virtually from 3 -4 November 2020

The annual event aims to display the best startups in Africa and provide the startups with access to consultations with experts, webinars, and a chance for entrepreneurs to learn from their peers.

In 2019, the AESIS brought together more than 350 investors who were focused on investing in Africa. This year, AURA was one of the top ten startups in Africa to pitch its security platform to stakeholders.


The startup AURA was chosen out of thousands of applicants for the Venture Showcase. 

Warren Myers, founder, and CEO of AURA stated to Ventureburn that they were excited to have been chosen.

“We are thrilled to be selected to be part of VC4A’s Venture Showcase and the African Early Stage Investment Summit and look forward to playing an even bigger role in delivering innovation into the rest of the continent,” said Myers.

AURA provides a security platform

Myers founded AURA in 2016 to increase efficiency in the South African security industry. To achieve this the startup partnered with armed response security companies and medical response services in South Africa.

In the past, security companies were only able to provide security to homes and office buildings. However, AURA aims to provide safety and security even while individuals are outside the comfort of their homes or offices.

Myers explained that there are approximately 7000 security vehicles that are only able to service about 2% of the population and these vehicles would only operate 5% of the time.

“AURA makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to hone its system and ensure that the closest responders are dispatched to a distress call,” said Myers.

The AURA digital platform makes use of GPS, smart technology, and an app. The app provides a panic button that the user would be able to press in an emergency situation. Through GPS the app would be able to connect an individual to the nearest response unit. The user would also be able to monitor the response unit in real-time through the app.

The app and the AURA platform will ensure that respondents reach users faster and will eliminate the need for call centres that have been used in the traditional security sector.

The startup aims to bring together security companies across South Africa onto one digital platform. This platform would ensure that users would have a quick response to those who have an emergency at any time and any place.

As stated on the platform’s website, their aim is, “To make effective security more accessible and affordable in SA, by creating and deploying smart, scalable and disruptive technology.”

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Feature image: Warren Myers, founder of AURA (Supplied)



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