Top startup web events in South Africa this week [12/10/2020]

This week’s events will focus on teaching entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses during a volatile environment. New and experienced entrepreneurs will have a chance to mingle and share their expertise during an online forum.

In addition, prospective entrepreneurs will learn how to launch a business under pandemic conditions and economic downturn. 

These webinars will provide insights into launching new and different businesses and the various challenges that entrepreneurs face.

Ventureburn has updated its existing weekly series that highlights all the top startup events in Africa, by shifting to focus only on web events broadcast from Africa. This includes webinars as well.

If you have any event recommendations for us to add to the list, or next week’s, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email. Please notify us by Friday of the week before the event.

Not all the events are free and some will require booking in advance. Please click on the event names to find out more information.

All times below are set in South African time unless indicated. These events are free of charge unless otherwise indicated.

Startup Grind hosts CEO of M’hudi Wines, Malmsey Rangaka

This week Startup Grind Stellenbosch will be hosting Malmsey Rangaka. The event will be presented by Google for Startups. Rangaka is the Co-founder and CEO of M’hudi Wines, based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. She founded the farm in 1999 and M’hudi wine brands have been sold in Nigeria, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, the US, and Germany.

Rangaka has always encouraged her family to go beyond their comfort zone to find new ways of living and take action to achieve their goals.

Date: 14 October, 5:30pm
Location: Webinar

The LifeCheq Trade Forum

The LifeCheq Trade Forum will take place this week. The forum will give attendees an opportunity to learn from the experts. During the forum, the attendees will be able to engage in various topics from obtaining financial freedom to side hustles.

This Trade Forum is for those who want to turn their passion into business but need to learn the ins-and-outs of entrepreneurship or for those who don’t know how to help their part-time business grow into full-time business.

The Trade Forum will provide a community for those who want to learn and those who want to share their expertise. Attendees can RSVP to join this exclusive Trade Forum here.

Date: 12 October, 5:30pm
Location: Webinar

The Brave New Hustle Masterclass with Nic Haralambous

Author and entrepreneur, Nic Haralambous and LifeCheq CEO, Abu Addae will be giving a Masterclass that will provide step-by-step guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build and grow their new business.

During the masterclass, Haralambous and Addae will thoroughly discuss the practicalities in launching different kinds of businesses such as building a consistent brand and pricing strategies.

This masterclass will be an opportunity to learn how to build a resilient and adaptable business in a tumultuous environment.

Date: 15 October, 4:30pm

Section 12J training webinar

Investors, financial advisors, and financial professionals are encouraged to join this Section 12J training session presented by Jaltech’s Jonty Sacks. A number of slots will be available over the coming weeks.

Date: 16 October, 11am to 12pm
Location: Jaltech

Featured image: Abu Addae, LifeCheq CEO, Facebook



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