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New VC fund launches for SA entrepreneurs to expand into Europe

A new VC fund, The Portugal Gateway Growth Fund will offer South African entrepreneurs and startups the opportunity to access the European market by providing funding and more.

SA businesses and entrepreneurs receive expansion opportunities through The Portugal Gateway Growth Fund

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Addressing the main challenge that hinders South African startups and entrepreneurs from accessing the European network, the new VC fund aims to provide more than a foot in the door to this large market which is filled with abundant opportunities.  

The Portugal Gateway Growth Fund aims to provide resources that will benefit SA businesses and entrepreneurs and drive businesses into the Eurozone. 

In an official press release, Gavin Goldblatt, managing partner at the Portugal Gateway Fund, explains that the aim of the fund is to drive SA businesses into emerging markets out of Africa. 

“We aspire to find successfully growing South African businesses that can be developed to capitalise and grow their business into bigger and more lucrative markets abroad. At the same time, the Fund offers a unique opportunity for individual investors to invest in such an exciting portfolio of proven and fast-growing innovative South African companies.” 

The Portugal Gateway Growth Fund

Not only does The Portugal Gateway Growth Fund provide capital for local businesses and entrepreneurs, aiding towards international expansion but it offers strategic, accounting, tax, and structuring advice all in relation to entering the European market. 

Goldblatt adds that entrepreneurs will receive business support from industry experts. 

“Our specialists further offer local expertise and support that includes guidance on instituting a company, and the procurement of service providers, staff, and office space.”

The new VC fund is on the hunt for the most innovative and talented entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses to invest in. 

Goldblatt explains that targetted entrepreneurs must showcase growth potential to increase investment possibilities.

“Ultimately, we are looking for cream-of-the-crop entrepreneurial driven businesses who want to extend their reach beyond SA and at the same time for investors wishing to benefit from the success of the growth of these entrepreneurial companies.”

SA businesses that have protected intellectual property can qualify for aid which considers relocation of staff as well as residential visa applications.

 The aid will ensure business founders, their families, and the key staff are secured. 

Investing in the Fund

Individual investors that actively invest in the Portugal Gateway Growth Fund automatically qualify for Portugal’s Golden Visa programme. 

The programme allows SA investors and their families to secure an EU passport without the requirement of living in Portugal.

Investors support companies with the potential of high-growth rates as well as products and business models that are proven to be successful. The fund targets eight percent and expects returns in euros. 

Goldblatt reports that Portugal is the best country to operate in as the tax regime is compelling and offers a high standard of living with employees that are highly skilled.

“We use our vast experience, and network of incubators and service providers, to support and build partnerships as a springboard to growth.” 

The Portugal Gateway Growth Fund is matched by the European Investment Firm Directive (IFD) which reduces the risk for investors seeking to invest in SA businesses. The IFD provides insurance for challenges that individual investors may face.

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Featured image: Erik van Veen, The Portugal Gateway Growth Fund (Supplied) 

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