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Four women-led tech startups in Africa

Ventureburn has created a list of women-led startups in Africa that have displayed innovative and unique solutions that positively impact multiple sectors within the African economy. 

 These four women-led startups aim to positively impact Africa through innovative solutions

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GiftPesa, Arbres Biotech, Easy Matatu, and Deep Medical Therapeutics were all founded by women and continue to operate amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As drivers of inclusivity, women-led tech startups are growing across the continent and positively contributing to the economy. 


GiftPesa Limited was founded in 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya by Pamela Muriuki and Michael Muthui. GiftPesa is a gift management platform that reduces human intervention by allowing individuals and businesses to buy, redeem, and conduct the bulk disbursements of eVouchers. 

The GiftPesa eVouchers can be gifted to multiple recipients and is ‘actively’ valid for 12-months. The eVouchers become ‘inactive’ after 12-months, however, they do not expire as it can be activated at any time. 

Disbursing eVouchers

Recipients that are gifted eVouchers will receive an SMS that details the amount, where to collect it, and how to share their eVoucher. 

For any eVouchers that are not utilised or become inactive, GiftPesa ensures a refund to the original source to encourage reallocation of the voucher.

eVouchers can be redeemed at these supermarkets, Naivas, Tuskys, Quickmart, Eastmatt, Carrefour, and Cleanshelf.

Once the recipient receives the SMS to redeem their eVoucher they will pick shopping items from their preferred redemption merchant outlet. The voucher has the ability to be redeemed multiple times and shared, and GiftPesa allows individuals to redeem partially across multiple outlets.

GiftPesa focuses on offering transparency and efficiency in the gifting industry. Through the gift managing platform, GiftPesa has ensured customers and businesses experience the freedom of choice in gifting. 

Arbres Biotech

Founded in 2018 by Dr Rachel Ikawa, Arbres Biotech is a Kenya-based agritech startup. The startup uses tissue culture technology to produce quality and affordable seedlings. 

Arbres Biotech produces an array of seedlings such as fruit tree seedlings, orchid seedlings, and crop seedlings to nurseries. 

The agritech’s objective is to develop a strong customer base and strengthen the relationship between partners, as well as distribute valuable technology to farmers. 

Its business model aims to encourage economic empowerment and accelerate the diversification of agricultural produce. 

Arbres Biotech offers clean planting material to clients across Kenya and hopes to be the leading supplier in East Africa that develops innovative and efficient production systems relating to seedlings. 

Easy Matatu

Founded in 2018 by Precious Turinawe and Lema Carl Andrew, Easy Matatu is a transport-focused tech startup. Easy Matatu has created an innovative platform that connects commuters to reliable and safe public transport. 

The Ugandan startup, Easy Matatu targets the informal minibus industry and aims to improve the lives of African commuters and drivers through scheduled rides.

Covid-19 response

Due to Covid-19, Easy Matatu paused its operations to ensure the safety of drivers and commuters. In response to the current pandemic, the startup focused on transporting healthcare workers to and from Mukono General Hospital. This was done with assistance from Toyota Uganda.  

In addition, Easy Matatu sent a cash transfer of 50 000 Ugandan shillings to more than 35 trained Easy Matatu drivers. The cash transfer was to assist with affording basic foods that will last for at least a month in the drivers’ households. 

Deep Medical Therapeutics

Deep Medical Therapeutics, founded in SA in 2018 by Dineo Lioma and Byeronie Epstein, is a women-led biotech company pushing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to improve healthcare for Africans. 

Deep Medical Therapeutics aims to provide Africans with the opportunity to receive custom healthcare solutions through the use of big genomic data and AI.

The company develops innovative solutions to assist African governments, clinics, scientists, as well as pharmaceutical companies, to understand and treat diseases in Africa both new and existing.

Deep Medical Therapeutics promotes collaboration for innovative solutions and building trust with clients and stakeholders. The company aims to drive the continent’s capability of performing diagnostic testing and genomic sequences of diseases and aims to contribute to the development of drugs and vaccines. 

In addition, the company’s objective is to assist with direct and indirect job creation and also drive skills development and capacity building. 

COVID-19 response

Deep Medical Therapeutics responds to the Covid-19 pandemic and offers equipment to support the diagnostic testings and genomic sequencing for Covid-19 across Southern Africa.

Intelligent software is also provided to gain insight and monitor the spread of the virus. 

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Featured Image: Jud Mackrill via Unsplash 

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